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Cameryn 5 Weeks

23 Feb

Month two has begun and I sure hope it doesn’t go as fast as month one did!

Cameryn is continuing to change so much on a daily basis.  She now weighs in at 8lbs 3ounces.  She is growing like a weed.

This week she has hand lots of company still in town and visiting her.  Both my mom and dad are here and she is getting spoiled being held 24/7.  She definitely doesn’t lack love in her life.  I feel so blessed Keith and I have such wonderful parents who love her so much.  Not to mention all the other family members who love her so much too!  Smile

This week, I think she had her first smile.  My dad was holding her after she woke up and had a tummy full of milk and she looked at him and cracked the biggest toothless gummy smile at him for like 5-10 seconds.  I couldn’t believe it as I wanted to have the first smile for selfish reasons, I am her mom after all!  Winking smile

Since then she hasn’t cracked another one so who knows, maybe it was reflex after all…even with her eyes open looking at him…

Cameryn is getting really strong with her tummy time and can now hold her head up great and look around. 

She is also griping onto items she sees and loves grabbing my hair and hanging on to it tightly..ouch!

Cameryn had her first poop explosion this week and it went everywhere.  Literally everywhere.  Keith was changing her diaper after a poop and we didn’t realize she wasn’t done.  Lets just say a big load of laundry was immediately done.

Another first, Cameryn also spit up on me and pooped on me all in one day, on my birthday.  For some reason, it didn’t bother or even phase me and I love her more for it.  She just looks at me so innocently and unknowing and it just melts my heart. 

Cameryn has also decided to use me as a human pacifier this past week.  She will seriously nurse form 6pm until midnight.  If she isn’t latched on sucking she is crying hysterically.  At one point my mom was watching her when we went to Costco and my mom called and said get home quick, the baby’s worked herself into a tizzy.  Thankfully when we got home, she had calmed down but I just hate to hear her cry.  I read that keeping her in a sling or wrap on me during the day might help her to not want to be on me form 6 until she falls asleep.  I read that she might just be craving more time with me and using me as a pacifier (she wont take a real one)

and crying when she isn’t nursing might be her way of spending more time with me.

Based off the above, she did have her first few crabby days.  Crying for no reason and the only way to calm her down was getting her to nurse.  That is the only thing she wanted.  Luckily the past few days have been good so hopefully we’re over that hump. 

Speaking of crying, I looked into what the meaning of baby cries are.  Here is what I found and I swear the cries I can recognize hold true to what the cries are mentioned to mean.  There are five and here they are below:

  1. EH” means “I need to burp” (and we know how they sound like a drunken sailor when it’s a good one. Easily detectable I’ve found)
  2. NEH” means “I’m hungry” (one should probably have this covered before tilting head in confusion on why baby is crying eh?)
  3. OWH” means “I’m sleepy” (this one I find really detectable which is always nice – nap time, mommy gets to pee and eat and if it’s a really good day, shower)
  4. "HEH” means “Discomfort
  5. EAIR” means “Abdominal Gas

I can detect “eh” and “neh” really easily and am still trying to hear the others.

Lastly, Cameryn had her one month old pictures taken!  She was such a little trooper.  I did have to feed her a quick ten minutes during the session as she started freaking out, but overall I think she did good for just a little baby! 

Pictures From the Week

Just look at those cheeks!



My Dad just got back from Mexico and got her this little dress.  We put it on her to take a few pictures and she loved having it on and kicking her legs! 


My mom was holding her and I thought she looked so cute with her hat coming off her head!IMG_1267

She loves sleeping on her side more than anything with her head propped up on a pillow.


Here are a few pictures from her one month photos.  I don’t want to share too many before I get my birth announcements out so here are some of the outtakes!

She got that red spot on her face after I fed her…go figure!


In between the cries we captured a sneeze!s42218ca114126_35s42218ca114126_15s42218ca114126_3