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Cameryn: 6 Weeks

1 Mar

Comparing my little princess from now to when she is first born, it is like two completely different worlds.  She used to feel like a little newborn baby, but now she feels like a little person to me.  Her personality is coming out and she cracks me up laughing every day.  One thing for sure is, she is the most headstrong little baby I’ve even encountered.  If she wants something, she will get it.  Otherwise, she is a crabby baby.  I’m still waiting for that smile.

For example, if she cries for you to hold her, don’t think you can hold her the way that you want, she already knows what position she wants to be held in and will squirm into that position if you don’t put her in it.

She has music preferences.  Right now she likes napping to Dave Matthews Band and Bob Marley and like to “dance” to Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocketful of Sunshine.  If she just wants to hang out with Mom, she love Ella Fitzgerald.  If you ask her what her favorite Pandora radio station is, she’ll tell you Baby Einstein!  We play random music from my ITunes while I’m trying to work on my computer at home so she’s been able to discover lots of new music!  Smile

This past week, Cameryn had her first ever cry free bath.  Instead of mostly doing sponge baths, and not getting her super wet, I filled up her tub and in she went.  She really enjoyed it.  In fact she liked it so much I’m thinking about giving her one every night.  Arizona is so dry, I worry about her skin if I bathe her everyday, but I might give it a try.  I wish I would have taken a picture of it, since she was being so cute, so I’ll have to remember to snap on next time!

Her sleeping is getting better.  We only have maybe one or two fussy nights a week, and they are usually back to back.  She falls asleep around 10-10:30pm, wakes up to feed around 1am, then again around 4 or 5am.  She then can usually sleep in until 8am or sometimes longer.  She stirs a little bit outside her feeds, but I can usually get her to go back to sleep pretty quickly by comforting her.  She is still in our bed, and I can’t wait until we can get her to sleep in her crib next to our bed.  She still loves sleeping right up against me, which is fine, but then I worry about her and I don’t get great sleep.  She got spoiled being held almost 24/7 with company in town and I think that is one reason she doesn’t like sleeping by herself or not being held during the day.  She used to nap in her cribs but not anymore.  This past week, we had one day when I could set her in her car seat while sleeping and she would hang out for 5-10 minutes without being held.  Then she would wake up realize she wasn’t being held and scream bloody murder.  Other days, she needs to be held and it makes it super hard for me to get things done around the house, let alone eat!  My mom left early this week, so it’s just been me and the little love bug figuring out what are days are going to be like and enjoying each other. 

She still wont take a pacifier but that’s no big deal.  Our goal for the day is to learn how to master the pump.  Since I’m going to train a few days starting next week, I want to make sure we have some milk on hand (even though I’ll only be gone a little over an hour).  Cameryn still likes using me as her human pacifier to comfort herself, so I hope the bottles do the trick and she doesn’t just drink them and then start crying again.  A lot of the time, when she cries during the day, she will eat for a minute then I can tell she is sucking for comfort and not food.  She usually falls asleep within 5 minutes, which is nice.  The only bad thing is when I try and put her down to sleep, she wakes up, cries and we start the whole process all over again. 

6 Week Pictures

She is starting to get little fat rolls and they are so adorable!


6 week impromptu photo sess