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Awesome Abs

2 Mar

Hey guys!  I’m going in to the doctor’s for my six week post birth check up and should get the okay to start working out again.  I had plans to start working out a bit (very low intensity) a few weeks back, but with a new baby at home, that didn’t really happen, plus I didn’t want to have any set backs.  So I decided to wait until I got the okay form the doctor.  Since I have workouts on the brain and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things, I decided to post a great article I read from (my favorite fitness magazine). 

I’m ready to start posting about exercise again!  Smile

I haven’t developed my post pregnancy workout plan, but have it on my to-do list for the day so I can start it bright and early tomorrow morning!  I literally can’t wait to get back into the gym!  I ❤ exercise, makes me feel so good and alive!  Winking smile

I hope you guys enjoy the article!

How to Get ABS by Summer

By Kim Dolan Leto

She is a mom and look at those abs!

It’s February, if you get committed right now you will have Abs by summer. Don’t you want this summer to be the summer you look forward to bikini shopping? Picture yourself standing in the dressing room smiling in the mirror at your toned abs. Yes, all your hard work paid off and now you can walk around the pool with confidence instead of trying to hide under a cover up. Sound good? A tight toned mid-section can feel like a dream some days, but did you know we all have a 6-pack? We might need to focus on our nutrition and train a little harder to see them, but they are there!
Here is a how to guide to getting your Abs by summer.
Clean Nutrition + Cardio + Proper Ab Exercises = 6-pack

  • There’s a saying that goes, Abs are made in the kitchen, and there is great truth in that.
  • Swap out any refined foods for whole grains. A diet rich in veggies, lean meats, whole grains, and good fats will produce a tight toned tummy.
  • Make breakfast and lunch your larger meals with dinner being a bit lighter. Opt for a dinner with lean meat and lots of veggies. Include snacks that are balanced with protein/carbs/and good fats and burn belly fat with these tips.
  • Drink enough water; get rid of sodas, carbonated beverages, and juices.
  • Incorporate High Intensity Interval Training into your workouts.

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Your back needs to be as strong as your abs, so make sure to include training to balance their relationship. Proper form wins over the amount of reps you can do every time and breathe properly while performing ab exercises. Challenge yourself with your cardio workouts, by adding time and intensity and refrain from doing the same thing each time. Mix it up by taking a spin class, going for a run, whatever you choose to do, give it your all and don’t ride the cardio equipment! 🙂 A lean body is a direct result of consistent clean nutrition and a dynamic training schedule.
Did you know you have a 6-pack? Wouldn’t you love to see it by summer? Are you willing to try these workouts and tips and be ready for bikini season? Do you have any favorite ab exercises or ways to lean out your mid-section? If you do, please share them!



  • What is your favorite ab exercise at the moment?
  • Do you find eating different foods makes your abs look better or worse?
  • What is your workout motivation right now?