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Cameryn Week 7

7 Mar

Week seven has been pretty similar to week six.  We are still trying to adjust and find a semi routine.

Cameryn had her first big girl bath.  Before, we weren’t filling the tub with water, only a smaller pink tub that she could dip her feet into.

Bath time was a success and she didn’t cry once!


She also started using her Bumbo chair this week!  She loves this thing, especially looking all around and checking everything out from a new perspective!


She also slept in her co-sleeper in her crib next to our bed for about 1-2 hours this past week!  The longest she’s slept in her crib at bedtime since the first week we had her home!  I think she was super tuckered out from her bath!


She is still enjoying the activity mat and tummy time, but only for short periods of time!


Other news of the week, she took a bottle for the first time, but only one.  She drank about 1 ounce from it.  Both Keith and I were proud.  We tried giving her another one about 5 days later and she was too tired to even drink any milk form it. 

She is also growing to love her swing.  I’m able to type this blog post right now since she is sleeping in it.  It took her about two weeks to get familiar with it and now once she is sleeping, we can put her in it.  If she is awake she doesn’t want anything to do with it.  We’re still working on that. 

Since she is starting to show a little independence by sleeping in her swing, it has given me the free time to get chores done around the house, shower, check emails and so on.  We still have our days when she needs to be snuggled and held, but at least she doesn’t have to be held constantly everyday!

Overall, she is just such an amazing little girl.  She is starting to show more smile’s but they are still hard to get.  I’m hoping this is the week she’ll really start flashing that toothless smile!  Smile

Week 7 Pictures