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Cameryn Olivia Week 8

14 Mar

How has two months gone by?  Sunday is Cameryn’s official two month birthday.  Holy cow!  These last two months have been the fastest of my life.  In between breastfeeding, chores, errands, getting back to work a bit and taking care of the baby, the days all seem to blur together.  In a good way though.  We still are working on trying to find a schedule, but it doesn’t seem to be happening and that is okay.

New things this week:

Cameryn is smiling a lot!  Big giant smiles!  It melts me heart and I love seeing her face as she gets excited and happy about things.

Despite the smiles, Cam is still a bit on the cranky side.  I’m waiting for the day she wakes up happy and not crying instantly because she wants food.

At bedtime for the past few nights, she starts freaking out and wont stop crying.  Same thing happens when she wake up in the middle of the night.  I can’t console her so we go into her nursery and I walk her around, rock her in her chair and try feeding her.  I hope it doesn’t last because I don’t like not knowing why she is crying.  I don’t like bed time because I know I’ll be up a lot but now I really am not a fan of it.  Although I must give the little Miss C credit, she did sleep for 4+ hours straight last night.  We are going to start trying to get her out of our bed at night and into her crib right next to the bed.  She is getting so big and likes sleeping with her arms sticking straight out which takes up a lot of space, believe it or not.  Both Keith and I are starting to feel really cramped in the bed!

Her eyelashes have gotten so long this past week.  When I was little I always got told I had such long beautiful eyelashes, so I think she gets those from me.

Her eyes continue to get bigger and more blue.  Lots of people now comment on how big her eyes are.  Keith has beautiful blue eyes and I have dark brown eyes.  Since she is still so small, her eyes have a good chance of still turning brown, but I think they will stay blue as they keep getting more blue.  She has such beautiful eyes!

Cameryn also tried taking a bottle again (for the second time).  Pumped milk was going to go bad so Keith tried feeding her.  She did okay and drank just a tiny bit, then didn’t want the bottle anymore.  She would drink from it for 3 seconds then want it out of her mouth.  I guess we’re taking little steps with the bottles.  We’ll definitely keep trying to give them to her and hopefully soon, she’ll surprise us!

Another thing Cameryn started doing was rolling over from her stomach to her back.  Whenever I try and do tummy time with her, she almost immediately rolls over onto her back where she is then content!

Cameryn also took a pacifier for the first time for a few minutes!  It’s a start.  It would be nice to be able to use a pacifier for when she cries and wont stop.  Something to soothe her and calm her down without having to feed her.

Cameryn now weighs just under ten pounds!  I can’t believe it!  She is getting so big!  Her 3 month pants are getting snug already and her pajamas are definitely filled out!  We have a lot of 3 month clothes so I hope she still fits into them for a while!  Too many cute outfits not to use!  She is definitely a great eater like her parents!  Smile

Here are pictures of Cameryn from the past week as well as her 8 week photos (she wasn’t feeling the photo session today and just wanted to snuggle me, but I did manage to capture a few good ones).