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Cameryn 9 Weeks

21 Mar

One week goes by and Cameryn just keeps getting cuter and cuter.  Not to mention more fun!  She is now so responsive to everything we do and I love it!  She is also awake a lot of the day so we keep each other entertained by singing, reading books, going for walks, discovering new things around the house, playing on the activity mat, playing with toys and snuggling! 

Cameryn does still need to nap during the day and is a lot less cranky at night when she gets her naps in.

Her smiles are out of control amazing and she is usually the most smiley after she is fed or wakes up.  Although sometimes she is crabby and wants foods when she first wakes up, but once she is fed, smile just keep coming from her!  Smile  She loves watching out mouths and loves when we make “oh” and “ah” sounds.  She gets really excited by this and you can see in her eyes she is going to smile before she actually does.  It is the most adorable thing!


Her eyes are still blue and I am anxious to see if they’ll stay blue or turn brown.  I have dark brown eyes and when I was born my eyes were brown already.  Keith has beautiful blue eyes so it will be fun to see what color they end up!


She is continuing to be super fussy at nights.  This now starts around 6:30pm and takes hours to calm her down.  I just cuddle with her and walk around bouncing her telling her “shhhhhh,” which she oddly loves hearing.  This usually lasts on and off until about 10pm and then she falls asleep.  Perhaps she has just a bit of colic?  We go to the doctor tomorrow so I’m going to ask what the doctor thinks.

Cameryn has been sleeping for five hour stretches at night!  Well, okay just once, but it’s a start to something good I think!  Or she is just so exhausted from her four hour hissy fits!  Either way, Keith and I both enjoy those long stretches of sleep.

She has been getting up every hour after she wakes up for the first time at night.  This is annoying, but I think it is just a phase that wont last too much longer.  Since she is getting up every hour, she now doesn’t wake up until around 10-10:30am.  This allows us to get our days organized and me to train my clients two days a week!

She still loves car rides as they put her to sleep and she is still doing great as my little companion while out running errands!  I click her car seat into her stroller and away we go shopping!  Most of the time she just sleeps…

She still weighs under ten pounds, I think the last time we weighed her a couple days ago she was 9lbs 5ounces.  I’m excited for her to get her weight and height taken tomorrow and she how she compares to other babies her age.

Cameryn continues to love eating and makes so much noise while she is doing so.  Any other Moms have babies who are super loud eaters?  I swear she grunts, groans and snorts!  It is rather adorable during the day, but our nightly feedings have been waking up Daddy every night.

I think that is it for this past week, as always, here are some cutie pie pictures from the week!