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Cameryn Olivia: Week 11

4 Apr

Week 11 developments:

  • Smiles are getting bigger, longer and more frequent.  Sometimes they are followed by squeals (I like the start of laughter)
  • Babbling is almost constant.  When I sing Hakuna Matata, she babbles non-stop.  It is so cute listening to all her coos as she tries to “sing” along with me.
  • She still isn’t enjoying spending time on her tummy, but she is starting to tolerate it a lot better.
  • The number of times we change her diaper is starting to decrease!  Yeah!
  • She has started mimicking our facial expressions and noises.  I will stick out my tongue and then she will, I will open my mouth really wide and then she will do the same.
  • Her hair is really growing.  It isn’t thick, but it is growing longer!
  • She is so much more alert, and is awake for a good portion of the day.
  • She is sleeping longer for the first stretch during the night.  About 4-5 hours, which is awesome!

Week 11 Pictures


Still way to small to actually use the jumper, but she does like sitting in it, it helps her to stop crying!








Hey Guys

4 Apr

*Note, I wrote this post yesterday with the intentions of posting it but then never did, so I’m posting it now!*

I can’t believe I haven’t posted for almost a week!  Where does time go?  It has been so nice out weather wise and I’ve been so busy doing I’m not sure what, but the days seem to be going by quicker than ever! 

I will be back to my normal posting starting tomorrow (today) with Cameryn’s week 11 update and then more of my meals, workouts, workout of the weeks and more fun stuff! 


But before I go, here are my eats from yesterday (Monday):

  • Pre Workout-  1/2 Clif Mojo bar
  • Breakfast- Hot lemon water, coffee, Ezekiel English muffin with 2 eggs, cheese and tomato + homemade orange juice
  • AM Snack- 1/2 Clif Mojo bar
  • Lunch-  Greek yogurt with chia seeds, almond butter and honey
  • PM Snack-  1 slice Ezekiel bread with turkey and Dijon mustard
  • Dinner-  Huge salad with chicken breast

*I also snacked on some dried mango slices throughout the day (no sugar or sulfur)

My eats from today were the following (Tuesday):

  • Breakfast- Hot lemon water, coffee, dried mango, Ezekiel English muffin with egg, cheese, tomato and spinach + homemade grapefruit orange juice
  • AM Snack-  Clif Monster bar
  • Lunch-  PB2 Protein Soft Serve (post workout)
  • PM Snack- 1 slice Ezekiel bread with turkey, Dijon mustard, tomato, roasted red bell peppers, spring mix and onion
  • Dinner-  Mexican Bowl (brown rice, black beans, chicken breast, diced tomatoes, lime, cilantro, avocado, minced onion and salsa

Eats pics from the past week (there are only a few)

Sangria, we made a batch on Saturday!  Yum!


Salmon, brown rice and asparagus, our favorite dinner at the moment


Egg sandwiches for breakfast, still my favorite breakfast, it keeps me full for a long time!


PB2 Soft Serve, it still tastes as amazing as ever!  Smile


Mexican Bowl


Tonight (Wednesday) we plan on having an awesome new salad creation and I can’t wait to share the recipe if it comes out good.  Here’s a sneak peak:




I finally lost all of my baby weight and am about 1/2 under where I was when I got pregnant.  I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my old body back but still have just a bit more toning to do.  With that being said, I’ve been ultra motivated to get in my workouts.

My workout yesterday (Monday) was 45 minutes on the elliptical at home first thing when I woke up.

Today’s (Tuesday) workout was a mixture of cardio and plyo moves.  I did the following at home:

  • 10 minutes of elliptical
  • 20 squat jumps
  • 25 mountain climbers
  • 20 jumping lunges
  • 25 high knee lifts
  • 20 push ups
  • 25 butt kicks

*repeat three times and I finished it up with another 5 minutes on the elliptical for a cool down.

It took me about 50 minutes and I was a sweaty mess by the end. 


I plan to post Cameryn’s week 11 update today, a recipe tomorrow and then the workout of the week on Friday.  I took a week off because to be frank I just didn’t have the time or feel like blogging.  But, my creative juices are flowing again so I’ll be back to my daily posts!  Yay!  Smile

See you guys tomorrow with a recipe and later today with a baby update!