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Weekend Recap and a Change in my Workout Routine

9 Apr

Good morning! 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  We sure did!  I wish the weekends didn’t always come and go so quickly!

On Friday, we stayed in and made shrimp and cabbage salad.  Since it was the last Friday of Lent, we opted for shrimp. 

On Saturday, I headed into the gym bright and early and tried out my new running shoes and also lifted my chest and triceps.  I’m still so sore, especially my triceps.  Once home, Keith and I went out to lunch at the Raven and split a sandwich.  We had originally set out to get Cameryn’s picture taken with the Easter Bunny, but our local mall didn’t have him there.  WTF?  So, we walked around downtown instead and took advantage of the gorgeous weather.  Once home, we took the dog on a long walk and then had Chinese for dinner from Chi’s Cuisine.  I’m currently obsessed with beef and broccoli.  I’m not the biggest fan on steamed vegetables, but have found myself craving steamed broccoli lately.  I’m not sure what that’s about?

Sunday, we hit up the 7am mass at Church.  It was pretty packed and Cameryn got a special blessing by the priest in front of everyone.  He was walking through the church while blessing everyone with Holy water and when we came back to our section I noticed he saw Cameryn and blessed our direction with Holy water multiple times.  Then he walked over to Cameryn and put his hand on her head and blessed her.  It was so special.  I actually got quite emotional and almost shed a few tears.  I was so proud of her.  After church we headed to the grocery store to pick up a ham and Starbucks.  We made a quiche from scratch and ate that as a brunch around 1pm.  We were so hungry by then.  I didn’t realize how long those things take to make!  Luckily since Lent was over I was able to snack on a few dark chocolate covered almonds I had picked up at Trader Joe’s on Friday to tide me over until the quiche was ready!  We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and relaxing.  Both Keith and I enjoyed the movie and thought the kid actor was so great. 


So, while I was in the gym working out on Saturday I decided I need to change up my gym routine.  I’m not getting in my three strength workouts each week (it is a lot harder to get to the gym with a baby than I thought it would be), so I decided I’m going to try a two day split and or 2 total body strength days a week.  I’m not sure which yet, but I think I’m leaning towards a two day split.  I’ll also need to spend a little extra time in the gym to get the whole workout plus intervals done.  If I can get in a third day in the gym, I’m going to dedicate that day to the treadmill.  I’m on of those weird people who actually enjoy treadmill workouts.  I love what I’m currently doing except the fact I’m not getting every muscle group strength trained each week.  And in my book, that is a must do if I want to tone up my body.  I have cardio to get done today so I have a few days to figure out exactly what I want to do.  I’m also loving the plyometric workouts I’m able to get done at home during the week.  That is another reason I want to change up my routine since I don’t have a day dedicated to them in my current workout routine.

This is what I’m thinking, but like I mentioned above, I am still deciding what I want to do:

  • Day 1-  Cardio 45 Minutes + Core
  • Day 2- Plyometric Workout
  • Day 3-  Cardio 45 Minutes + Core
  • Day 4-  Strength (Back, Biceps, Triceps) + 20 Minutes Intervals
  • Day 5-  Strength (Chest, Shoulders, Legs) + 20 Minutes Intervals
  • Day 6 (optional)- 45 Minutes Cardio (Treadmill at the gym)

Typing that out, I already feel more certain this is what I’m going to start doing, but I’m still not 100%.


Eats Pictures

Thursday’s Dinner, Kabobs with sautéed thick slices mushrooms and spinach

IMG_7016IMG_7006IMG_7008s Friday’s lunch, cinnamon raisin Ezekiel English muffin with Neufchatel cheese (tastes like cream cheese but has less fat and calories), fig butter and cinnamon, OMG- so good!


Friday’s shrimp salad


Easter mimosas with homemade orange juice


Homemade quiche


Oh, I almost forgot!  I’m working on an awesome giveaway that will happen sometime late this week or early next week, so check back for the details! 



  • What is your current workout routine?
  • What goals are you working towards with your fitness?
  • What was the best part of your weekend?