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Cameryn Olivia: Week 12

11 Apr

New updates from this week:

  • Responding more to silly faces, voices, songs, noises
  • Smiling at everything  Smile
  • This week, Cameryn was a lot more needy in the middle of the night.  I think she has a hard time settling down for bed.  She needs to learn how to soothe herself to sleep without the need to nurse to sleep (I’m still acting as the human pacifier, she cries otherwise).  She also has been trying to get me to let her nurse through the night.  She will freak out and wake up as soon as I try to stop nursing her as she is asleep.  I now call her the drama queen at night when she does this.
  • She is slowly transitioning her crib in our room from out of our bed.  She actually fell asleep in there on her own the other night while I held her hands.  Once she was asleep it took me about five minutes to move my hands away from her.  Every time I would try to move them she would twitch and I didn’t want her to wake up.  After about 30 minutes of her sleeping in her crib, she woke up crying looking for us.  But hey, it’s a start!  And I’ll take it!
  • She still wont take a bottle, but she did drink about a half ounce earlier today.  Once she realized what she was doing, she stopped and wouldn’t drink from it anymore.  She also still wont take pacifiers either.
  • She has been having playtime every afternoon in her room where we listen to music, such as salsa, and we play with all different toys. 
  • She is learning how to sit still for book time.  Usually when I start, she starts rooting (turning in towards me to nurse) and starts crying if I don’t start feeding her.  So, I’ve started to read to her while nursing so she can start her love for books!
  • We’ve been getting her ready for bed around 6-6:30pm (her witching hour) and we try to get her to sleep by 7pm.  This never works as she needs to snuggle with us or cries.  She usually falls asleep by 8pm and then awakes once Keith and I move into the bedroom to fall asleep.  From there it usually takes a while to get her to sleep.  I still think she gets so stimulated from the day and she doesn’t know how to calm herself down to fall asleep on her own so she just turns into a cranky pants.  Keith and I usually take turns walking her around the house until she eventually falls asleep on me while nursing.
  • She is getting bigger and bigger and I just love her personality.  She is goofy, loves to smile and is also very strong willed.  She is also a very determined little girl and usually always end up getting her way (I can’t stand to hear her cry, I still feel like she is too young for us to just let her cry things out). 
  • She has been babbling up a storm.  If she likes something she doesn’t stop.  It is so cute to hear her trying to “talk”!  She also really coos and babbles while in her swing, looking at herself in the mirror that is right above her.
  • Cameryn celebrated her first Easter holiday!

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for or dreamt up a better baby.  I wake up smiling, laugh all throughout the day and go to bed dreaming about her coos, babbles and smiles.  She melts my heart and I fall more in love with her every day!


Week 12 Pictures

The bunny I bought on sale yesterday.  Keith pointed out it was pretty ugly and I have to agree.  I didn’t really look at it too closely when I bought it, I just loved how big it was!  So, I took a few pictures of Cameryn with it, since our mall didn’t have the Easter bunny, and then stuck it in her closet.  I’ll probably box it up and pull it out for next Easter!