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Weekend Recap

16 Apr

Hey guys!  How was your weekend?  Mine was super fun!  It was jam packed with all my favorites- food, fitness, friends, family and fun!  Smile 

Lets start with Friday.  On Friday we had a super busy day.  We were getting ready to have company over for dinner.  I am kind of type A so when we have company over, I like everything to be perfect.  I went out grocery shopping on Thursday and stocked up on wine then as well. 

On Friday, I worked out in the morning, 45 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of core work, followed by a massive cleaning to our house.  I never let it get really dirty, but I still had to weekly clean.

Once that was over, Keith got home and we had to drop my car off to get an oil change.  While waiting for the oil change, we went to Pangea Bakery for lunch and split a turkey sandwich on whole wheat flax bread and also some soup.  It was really good, but so much food.  We had never been there before so we thought splitting a sandwich and soup was a good ides.  We learned out lesson and will only split one or the other next time.  On our way home we got a call my car was done, perfect timing, so we picked it up before heading home. 

Once home I started prepping food, gathering platters and putting the final touches on everything.  Keith and I had a wonderful time with out friends and it was so fun introducing them to the baby!  Smile

Here is what our menu looked like, I tried keeping it simple since I knew I would be with the baby most of the night and just wanted good tasty but quick things I could throw together:

  • Appetizers-  Mini caprese salad skewers and tomato bruschetta
  • Salad-  Tuscan kale salad
  • Main Dish-  Pizza, one plain cheese and on Canadian bacon, mushroom and caramelized onion  <—these we picked up from our favorite Italian restaurant, Rosa’s Pizzeria
  • Dessert-  Mini cake squares, there were three different flavors everyone could try.  I liked the caramel the best!

It was a lot of food and we were all left feeling full.

Saturday, was spent with the morning in the gym working out and then running errands.  We spent the afternoon just relaxing and catching up on trashy reality TV we had on the DVR. 

I made a batch of tomato soup (Lady Gaga family’s recipe) and it turned out so good!  I love this recipe and really do need to make it more often.  I doubled the batch so we could have it for two meals.  We had it with leftover multigrain baguette that we used on Friday to make the bruschetta.  Yum!

Sunday, we hit up the gym for a workout and then came home to get showered up.  We went to Firehouse Kitchen and each ordered a Club Salad.  They were so huge!  I loved every bite of it, but ended up having Keith finish it for me.  I think one of the reasons I love salads so much is that you can eat so much of it without consuming a ton of calories.  We did however stop at a new candy shop downstairs from the restaurant where Keith and I split pistachio gelato.  My favorite.  I hadn’t had it in about 4 years, not because I didn’t allow myself to have it, but because I hadn’t seen it anywhere in 4 years!  I savored every bite and it was as amazing as I thought it would be.

After filling up our stomachs, we headed to get a new printer and then spent the rest of the afternoon getting organized for the week.  I made us salmon, sautéed spinach and brown rice for dinner, our favorite meal at the moment. 

On other thing that happened on Sunday…


Cameryn drank 2 ounces from a bottle!  YAY!!!!!!!   Smile



Here are some weekend eats pictures:

Pre workout snack


Vino!  Yum!  I rarely drink since I’m breastfeeding and Cam wont take a bottle so I have to carefully plan when I can have a bit so I know I wont be feeding the baby for a few hours!


We made more bruschetta on Sunday for a late afternoon snack!  So quick, easy and good!


Sunday night dinner!  Salmon, our favorite!


Both Keith and I felt we indulged in good food a little bit more than we like to over the weekend, so you can expect this week to be ultra healthy!  You can eat what you want, you just need to keep a good balance!  Plus, I feel better when I’m eating lighter healthier foods! 



Last week was great for workouts.  I got in all five of them and ended up deciding on a two day split for my strength training days.  Here is what I did for workouts last week:

  • Wednesday-  45 minutes on elliptical + 15 minutes core
  • Thursday-  Plyometric workout
  • Friday-  45 minutes on elliptical + 15 minutes core (my abs are still sore from Friday!)
  • Saturday-  20 minutes intervals (1 minutes walking at 4.0 and 1 minute running at 8.0) + strength (legs, chest, triceps)
  • Sunday- 20 minutes intervals (10 minutes running 1 minute at 4.0 and 1 at 8.0 and then 10 minutes running 30 seconds at 9.0 and 1 minute walking at 4.0) + strength (back, biceps and shoulders)

In addition, I walked the dog most days, but didn’t get in any yoga.  I really need to make an effort to get in some yoga.  My body badly needs to be stretched and I love meditating at the end.

My plan for this week is to do the same as last week but squeeze in a couple short yoga sessions!


Well, that’s it for me!  I hope you all have a great Monday!  I think the baby and me might run to Costco today and we need to finish meal planning for the week!

Oh and before I forget, I’m still working on that giveaway and I’ll let you guys know about it as soon as it’s ready!


  • What was the best part of your weekend?
  • What are your favorite pizza toppings?
  • Any special Monday plans?