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Cameryn Olivia: Week 14

25 Apr

New developments this past week:

  • Cameryn isn’t so concerned about putting her hands in her mouth now that she knows what they are for.  Instead, she loved trying to grab things, touch things and holds toys.
  • Cameryn is starting to show favorites among her toys.  She is loving a pink dragon and also a light up talking caterpillar that makes noise when she touches it.  It is fun watching her learn that when she touches it, it makes noise.
  • Cameryn is really starting to outgrow her 3 month old clothing.  So sad as she has lots of cute outfits!
  • Cameryn has been able to turn from her stomach to her back for a while now, but just this past week, she has tried flipping from her back to her stomach.  She tries so hard and can only get to her side and then she starts getting really frustrated!  It is so cute and that makes it hard not to help her out, but she needs to learn how to do it own her own and keep building her little baby muscles!  Smile
  • She is starting to turn into a little drama queen when she doesn’t get her way!  Like she now hates getting her diaper changed in the middle of the night, she doesn’t like when you put her down and walk out of the room so she can’t see you (like in going to the bathroom), or when she wants you to push her toy to get it to move!
  • Speaking of being vocal, she is starting to “talk” all the time!  It is so cute! 
  • She still loves Hakuna Matata best and is also starting to love “Doe a Deer” (I’m not sure of the exact title) from the sound of music!  She loves trying to sign along to that one as well!
  • She is still mimicking and I love it.  Our newest mimic is when I open my mouth really big and sing “ohhhhhh”.  She gets so excited and tries to do it too!


It is so fun watching her grow and change each week!  I can’t wait to see what this upcoming week brings! 

Week 14 Pictures!

IMG_7805 1IMG_7854IMG_7836 1IMG_7850IMG_7874 1IMG_7796IMG_7780IMG_7881IMG_7724IMG_7758






Mid Week Eats and Workout Recap

25 Apr

Hey guys, here is a quick look at what I’ve been eating and doing for workouts this week!

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  • Breakfast:  Coffee, kiwi, Ezekiel English muffin with spinach, egg and salsa
  • Lunch:  Berry banana smoothie and 2 tbsp. flaxseeds mixed with water
  • PM Snack:  Chocolate banana soft serve
  • Dinner:  Steak and salad
  • Late Snack:  A piece of dark chocolate and a frozen organic juice bar



Monday’s workout was 45 minutes on the elliptical at home followed by 15 minutes of core work




  • Breakfast:  Coffee, kiwi, Ezekiel English muffin with spinach, egg and salsa
  • Lunch:  Citrus smoothie and 1 piece of dark chocolate
  • PM Snack:  Chocolate banana soft serve
  • Dinner:  Caesar salmon, brown rice and sautéed spinach with cranberry (pure) mixed with water (plus I snacked on some raw chickpeas leftover from Monday’s night salad while making dinner)


  • IMG_7706IMG_7752IMG_7773



Tuesday’s workout was going to be a plyometric workout but I only ended up doing about 20 minutes of it before the baby woke up and wanted to be held.  I was waiting for her to go down for her afternoon nap to finish it up, but that didn’t happen.  So I decided to take Tuesday as an unplanned rest day.  With a baby, you just need to go with the flow!

I plan on doing my plyometric workout Wednesday (today).


Quick Look Recipes

I’ve been getting some comments and emails about my smoothie recipes so here is a quick guide to the smoothies I’ve been making as well as the soft serve.

Berry Banana Smoothie:  1 frozen banana, 3/4 – 1 cup frozen berry mix, 1 cup almond or coconut milk (unsweetened), 1 scoop vanilla protein powder and about 6-8 ice cubes.  You can also add in flax or chia seeds if you wanted to add in extra fiber and benefits).  Blend all ingredients together.

Citrus Smoothie:  1 frozen banana, 1 grapefruit, 1 orange, 1/2 – 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder and about 6-8 ice cubes.  Blend all ingredients together.

Chocolate Banana Soft Serve: 1 1/2 bananas, 1 cup almond or coconut milk (unsweetened), 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 1/2 tbsp. cocoa powder (raw or regular) and about 6-8 ice cubes.  Blend in a blender or process in a food processor until smooth!

I’ve been loving fruit lately and can’t seem to eat enough of it.  I think I eat more bananas now that I ever had before, about 2 1/2 a day!  We go through so many in this house as Keith loves them too!  I love how they make smoothie/soft serve recipes taste so creamy!  I’ve been working on perfecting a chocolate banana pudding recipe, but it still needs some tweaks before I share it on the blog.  It is great for a sweet treat and would be a delicious healthy snack for kids!


That’s it for me right now, I’m off to do my plyometric workout and then run some errands.  We’re in need of a few vegetables for our salads tonight for dinner!

I hope you all are having a great week so far!  I’ll be back later today with Cameryn’s weekly update post! 



  • What is your favorite fruit?
  • What is your favorite smoothie recipe?
  • What ingredient is a must have in your smoothies?