7 May

This weekend seemed long….

On Friday Keith and I went back to El Gato Azul for more tapas.  It was really nice to sit outside on their patio, although there was a bunch of cotton blowing around everywhere.  For how nice it is in AZ where we live, I’m surprised more restaurants don’t offer/have patios.  Growing up in Minnesota, where it is cold in the winter and hot and humid in the summer, most places offered patios. 

On Saturday, we worked out bright and early and hit the gym, followed by errands to Lowes, Target and Trader Joe’s.  We spent the afternoon making homemade beef machaca in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  It turned out good, but we want to tweak the recipe and try it again to make it perfect before I share it with you guys.  We also watched the Kentucky Derby.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and entertaining the baby!

On Sunday, we headed outside right when we woke up to stain our patio furniture out back.  Let me tell you, we both agreed, next time we should hire someone to do it.  We didn’t think it would be that bad as we have done it before in the past, but have only done the table and glider.  Our furniture was looking really weathered and I love it so much so we decided to take on the project ourselves.  After a few hours, we were both really sick of it.  I must say, it looks fabulous!  We had plans to stain the two reclining chairs out front, but didn’t have enough stain and Keith and I were both so happy!   I must say, the furniture turned out great!  I really should have taken a before picture.  The sun in Arizona is super intense and really weathers wood furniture.  I’ll post some after pictures after the cushions finish up drying (that was another project cleaning the cushions by hand)…

The rest of Sunday was spent being bored.  Both Keith and I couldn’t decide on anything to do, so instead we sat around the house bored.  At one point we loaded Cameryn in the car and decided if we got in the car, we would end up somewhere, but we didn’t and just came home.  Pathetic I know!  Smile

We finished up the weekend making spicy chicken sausage pasta loaded with vegetables (we added almost double what the recipe calls for) and watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey before calling it a night! 



Workouts from the past week were awful.  I only got in two gym workouts.  I was having a lazy week and just couldn’t get motivated.  This week however I’m back on the ball and ready to rock them out again!  Sometime I just need a few days off to realize how much better I feel working out!



Eats from this weekend were pretty healthy.  Both Friday and Saturday night I had a huge lunch so my dinner was small.  I’ll get back to posting my daily eats starting tomorrow again, as I realized I haven’t done it in a while.


Lots of saladsIMG_8078

Lots of smoothies and homemade juices IMG_8082

Machaca creationIMG_8128IMG_8131IMG_8133IMG_8140



Yup, these pictures pretty much sum up my weekend!  Smile

Quincy got a new toy from the store Michaels.  He loves it!  He carried it in his mouth and walks all around the house like the picture shows below.  We now call this toy Saturn! 


Saturday night, entertaining the baby…IMG_8094

See you guys tomorrow with a nutrition post!  I’m off to finish up my cardio workout!  I got 23 minutes in and the babes needed food and cuddles, followed by playtime!  So I’m hoping to get back on the elliptical as soon as I hit publish on this post since she’s sleeping in my arms!  I love being a mom!  I don’t think there is anything else better in life besides being my husbands wife!  I call it a tie!  Ahhhhh!  Winking smile




  • What was the best part of your weekend?
  • What do you like doing in a typical weekend?
  • What are your favorite things to do when bored?


5 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. Shanna, like Banana May 7, 2012 at 11:26 am #

    Ha! We totally have bored days like that too. They drive me nuts! At least our babies are always entertaining 😉

    Best part of weekend? Probably having people over for cinco de mayo or leisurely drinking iced lattes at a coffee shop yesterday.

  2. Lisa @ Healthy Diaries May 7, 2012 at 5:11 pm #

    Sounds like you had a low key but great weekend! My husband and I went to his cousin’s little boy’s 1st birthday which was fun!
    We have so many parties this summer it’s not even funny Wonder if I’ll make it to all them considering i’ll be 8+ months pregnant at some of them!

  3. Alicia May 7, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    We have lazy weekends like that all the time, usually we *spice it up* with a movie. 😛 haha nothing big these days!

    Best part of our weekend was spending it with friends who came to visit and meet Mr. Aiden! 🙂

    • Espn August 19, 2014 at 2:22 pm #

      This info is the cat’s pamaajs!

  4. sweetlyvegan May 7, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    what a cute post!! I agree being a mommy and wife definitely tie, even tho I am not yet a wife I still play the role LOL! But yea I really do love being a mommy and I will even more when my baby has a little personality!!
    You guys sound like us with the boredom thing… we do that all the time! Drive around to end up somewhere, and that somewhere is always right back at home.
    Love the saturn toy too! So cute! I kind of miss the days when we only had one dog! Was so much easier! Now they just fight over fun toys like that so we have to keep them up off the floor and 😦

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