Cameryn Week 17

16 May

Hey guys!

I’m here with Cameryn’s week 17 update!  Sorry posting has been limited, Keith’s mom is in town so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog.  But I have a few recipes I’ll be posting later this week and also another workout of the week!

Here are the new updates from the past week:

  • Cameryn can roll over again.  After a brief hiatus, she is now back to rolling from her stomach to her back!
  • We are practicing having her sit up on her own.  We have her sit next to us, or assist her if she doesn’t have her back against anything.
  • I think she may already be teething.  You can see outlines of teeth on her upper gums!  We go into the doc next week for her four month check up so I’m curious to ask what the doctor thinks!
  • Cameryn’s begun to drool…
  • Everything, hands included, is in the mouth now.
  • We celebrated Mother’s day together!  I’m so appreciated of Cameryn as she is the reason I celebrated Mother’s day!  My baby girl made me a mother!
  • Not sure if I mentioned this last week, but my baby girl is wearing size 2 diapers!  When I weighed her, she was around 12.5lbs!

Those were the new changes I’ve noticed, not too many this past week!  Cameryn just continues to be the joy and love of my life!  I often wonder what I used to do in my spare time before I had her or the dog!  I remember thinking I was so busy, but not nearly as busy as now!

Pictures from the past week!


For more pictures from the past week, check out our Mother’s day post!




2 Responses to “Cameryn Week 17”

  1. rissarose80 May 17, 2012 at 5:00 am #

    ok, I could squeeze those cheeks of hers! can’t believe she’s growing SO fast…I think I say that every time I comment, but it’s true!

    LOVe the outfit!!!

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