Good Morning Friends!

17 May

Good morning sunshines!

How are you all today? 

I’m great as I slept really well last night.  Cameryn only woke up twice and each time was for about ten minutes.  Amazing!!!  Now, if I could only get her out of our bed and into her own crib…

Today is a bittersweet day.  It’s good because we’ve all almost made it to the weekend, but a bitter day since Keith’s mom is heading back to Montana today, along with his Aunt back to her home in Arizona on the other side of the mountain.

My mother in law Ann and aunt Ali!


It has been such a nice treat having them here to help out with the baby.  I took full advantage of the babysitters and have been able to workout three days so far this week, experiment with new healthy cookie recipes (all fails) and have been able to keep up on housework.  It has been nice to run out on errands with just the husband.  It feels weird in a good way.  We weren’t able to sneak out to have a date night, but maybe next time.  The baby still gets really crabby at night and doesn’t like drinking much from the bottle…



My breakfast this morning was eggs, light cheese, light machaca all on half of an Ezekiel wrap!  I love Ezekiel products, I don’t know what I would do without them, you could say I’m slightly obsessed!

I wasn’t too hungry but knew I should start my day out on a healthy note since I’m about to head into the gym to train clients.

*I topped my eggs with salsa after I took this photo!




My eats, from the past few days have been pretty healthy, I’m not going to lie to you guys and pretend my eating has been spectacular.  I’ve had my fair share of good food, so this weekend there wont be any indulgences.  Keith and I mad the most amazing machaca recipe and we also ordered Chinese food last night.  My body feels slightly bloated so today I’m all about the vegetables and lean protein for dinner.  During the days, I’ve been sticking with homemade grapefruit juice (1 whole grapefruit, water and ice), banana berry smoothies, PB2 smoothie bowls, eggs and salads).  I think a grocery shop for fresh vegetables is in my future soon!  I love eating as much greens as I can each day!  Got to keep the meals a little bit green!  Smile

Trainer Tip:  Remember you can eat anything you want, you just need to balance out your eats with mostly healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy carbs) with little indulgences here and there.  This way you wont binge on food if you are being too restrictive all the time.  If you want the cheeseburger, eat it.  Just eat healthy for your meals the following day!

Here is a sneak peak of the machaca, the recipe is coming later this weekend!  It is a pretty healthy recipe, using lots of vegetables and lean flank steak!




So far, I’ve worked out the past three days.  Here is what my workouts have looked like:

  • Monday:  45 minutes of cardio + core
  • Tuesday:  45 minutes of cardio + core
  • Wednesday:  20 minutes of running intervals + back, biceps and shoulders

That means I only need to get in two more workouts this week.  I would love to do more though as workouts have been feeling amazing this week!  I also have a goal in mind to hit by June 6th when we head to Minnesota to get Cameryn baptized!


Okay loves, I’ve got to get on with my day.  I’ve got clients to train, errands to run, a house to clean and a workout to accomplish!

Once again, it’s a busy day in the Conrad house!

I’ll see you all later with a healthier chicken piccata recipe post that is amazing and will blow your socks off!  We made it for dinner last Saturday and I’m still thinking about how delicious it was!






5 Responses to “Good Morning Friends!”

  1. Lisa@Healthydiaries May 17, 2012 at 9:01 am #

    Yum that chicken looks delish! Can’t wait for the recipe!

  2. HeatherB May 17, 2012 at 9:07 am #

    You sound so upbeat today, I love the energy!! Cameron is adorable in yesterday’s pictures. She keeps getting cuter and cuter!

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