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Cameryn Olivia: 18 Weeks

23 May

Cameryn is getting to be so much fun!  She is thisclose to letting out a big belly laugh.  I haven’t heard one since I did a few weeks ago, but you can tell she is laughing without any sound!  So cute!

There really hasn’t been too many new developments this week:

  • Everything and I mean everything is now going into her mouth.  She loves chewing on anything.  I’ve been freezing some teething rings and she just LOVES them!
  • She has started to wake up at 4:00am to nurse and then just stays up for the day.  She used to wake up and then fall back to sleep, but recently she is just up.  I’ve been a huge sleep zombie since I’m not sleeping much and feel kind of like I did back when she was only a few weeks old.
  • Cameryn is also staying up later and skipping her naps.  I actually read in a book all about baby sleep since C doesn’t seem to want much of it.  I’ve been trying to nap with her at 2pm everyday, which just happens to be the time General Hospital is on!  Smile  I’m trying to get her to nap three times a day now at 8am, 11am and 2pm.  Once she’s up from her 2pm nap she is up until bedtime.
  • She loves making BIG splashing now while in the tub, some of them are so big they soak the wall next to her!
  • She is able to sit up on her own for about a minute, although she doesn’t hold her body at a totally upright angle, we’re working on that!

So not too much this week but she just keeps growing and developing!  This stage is so much fun, I just love it!

Cameryn’s Weekly Pictures

Four month pics

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