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Friday Recap and Four Month Stats

25 May

Good morning my lovely readers!

How are you all today?  I hope fine and dandy!

It’s Friday!!!!  Yay!!!!!

This week has flown by for me.  Yesterday was super busy day.  I started my day bright and early in the gym doing my own workout, followed by trained a couple clients.  Next, I had to zip home and get the baby ready for her four month check up.  You know how doctor’s visits are, you get there on time and then wait an hour to be seen…  But the good news is, Cameryn is one healthy and strong four month old.  The doctor was examining her and when she felt C’s upper legs she stopped and said whoa, she has a lot of muscle, normally babies thighs are soft filled with fat, she’s strong and has muscle!  I was one proud mama!  Smile

Here are her stats from the visit:

  • Height- 24inches (23%)
  • Weight- 12lbs 14 oz. (17%)
  • Head- 40 (27%)

So it looks like her height and weight flip flopped as at her last exam, she was in the 10th percentile for height and 25th for weight.  She is just the cutest little thing ever and took her shot like a trooper! 

Since we chose to do an alternate vaccine schedule (she will get all her shots, but goes in monthly instead of every other month), she only had to get one shot and one oral vaccine.  Keith was able to meet us at her appointment so it was nice to have Daddy there to console her after the shot.  Smile

Cameryn playing right before her appointment!IMG_8840IMG_8852



This week workouts have been really good.  I’ve gotten in three so far and plan to get in three more this week.  Here is what I’ve done so far:

  • Monday-  45 minutes of cardio + core
  • Tuesday- 45 minutes of cardio + core
  • Wednesday- rest day
  • Thursday- 20 minutes of treadmill intervals + legs, chest and triceps

I’m super sore in my hamstrings, pecs and triceps from my strength workout yesterday.  Here is what my workout looked like:

*My knees have really been hurting lately and I don’t know why, so I ran at a pretty comfortable interval pace and also didn’t do much leg work and stayed away from heavy weight.

21 minutes intervals- walking at 4.0 for one minute followed by running at 8.0 for one minute.

  • Smith machine squats with 25lbs on each side (10 reps, x3)
  • Olympic bar deadlifts with 10-15lbs on each side (12-15 reps, x3)
  • Chest press 20lbs (15reps, x2)
  • Pec fly 15lbs (10reps, x2)
  • Triceps pull downs 50lbs (8-10reps, x4)
  • Triceps overhead pull downs 50lbs (8-10reps, x4)
  • Leg extension 40lbs (10-15reps, x3)
  • Hamstring ball curls (15reps, x2)

This workout felt great and I really like to concentrate of the muscles I’m using when I’m lifting.  Tomorrow I’ll be back in the gym doing intervals and strength but this time lifting my back, biceps and shoulder.

Today’s workout will be a plyometric workout at home.  I usually can get it done in about 50 minutes and that includes 35 minutes of cardio in between sets of plyos!



Eats this week have been pretty healthy as usual.  I try to eat balanced and healthy all week long so when I do have indulgences I don’t sweat them.  I’ve been eating lots of egg sandwiches/wraps for breakfast, smoothies or turkey wraps for lunch, snacking on homemade hummus, Clif Mojo bars, pita chips and Pirates Booty, and eating salads/pasta for dinner.  Here are a few of my eats pictures I’ve managed to take this week:



We don’t really have big weekend plans, I think we’re going to grill out burgers tonight and I’m going to attempt to make homemade sweet potato fries using the new food processor.  Tomorrow we’re going to see Keith’s Aunt for a bit and then probably just get everything in order on Sunday for the new week!  I like to plan our weekly menu, grocery list, make sure the house is in order and so on every Sunday.  Makes going into a new week feel great!

On a side note, I just realized it is Memorial Day weekend!  Last Memorial Day, we found out I was pregnant with Cameryn!  So crazy to think, it’s already been a year!



  • What are you plans for this weekend?
  • Are you doing anything special for Memorial day?
  • What has been your favorite workout this week?