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Workout of the Week- Summer Shape Up Super Circuit

31 May

I love circuits, even better than circuits, super circuits!  I love super circuits because I have a lot of fun doing them and before I know it, the workout is over…bonus!  Smile

Below is the new super circuit I’ve been loving, but please don’t hesitate to swap out exercises for different ones and also think about creating your own super circuit with about 12 of your favorite exercises.

Super circuits will tone your whole body and also keep your heart rate up.  In order for this to happen you’ll want to chose a medium heavy weight since you’ll be doing each exercise for one minute.  Also, try to take as little rest as possible between the exercises.  If you’re going to be doing this in a gym, grab all the things you’ll be needing so you don’t have to waste time wondering around! 

Lets do it and we’ll all be ready to hit the beach and pool in no time!


Summer Shape Up Super Circuit

By: Balanced Healthy Life

Do one minute of each exercise before moving on to the next.  Repeat 2-3 times.

Warm Up:  5-10 minutes on the cardio machine of your choice or if you’re doing this at home, jump rope

1.  Jumping Squats

2.  Squats with Shoulder Press

3.  Mountain Climbers

4.  Plank (changing positions between bent arm and straight arm, not letting your knees drop to the ground)

5.  Double Handed Triceps Kickbacks

6.  Push Ups

7.  Speed Skaters

8.  Alternating Lunges with Oblique Twists

9.  Holding Squat with Bicep Curls

10.  Deadlifts

11.  Bicycle Crunches

12.  Bent Dumbbell Row

Cardio Burst:  3 minutes on any cardio machine of your choice or jumping rope


This workout should take you about one hour to complete if you do three sets and around 45 minutes if you complete two sets!  The most important thing is to have fun, so grab a friend and try this super circuit out!

*Remember to consult with your doctor before trying out a new exercise program, as well as asking a certified personal trainer for help at you gym if you are unfamiliar with any of the exercises below*

Trainer Tip:  Wear a heart rate monitor when you workout so you know what your heart rate is at.  At any point during a workout when you noticed it isn’t elevated as high as you would like, add in some jumping jacks, butt kicks or high knees to get it elevated to where you want it.  You’ll get more bang for your buck in the gym and see results quicker!



  • Out of the exercises above in the super circuit, what is your favorite?
  • Do you like working out with a friend or prefer working out alone?
  • Do you wear a heart rate monitor when working out?