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Weekend and Week Recap

3 Jun


I hope you all had a great weekend!

My weekend was filled with fun and I’m sad it’s coming to an end…

Friday, started out being a normal Friday, but early into the day a lot of things came up and it ended up being way busier than both Keith and I had planned.  I did get in a great plyometric workout first thing in the morning.  The first of the month is a busy one in the gym industry so we both had our work cut out for us.  We ended up picking up Chinese food for dinner and just relaxed around the house in the evening.

Saturday, was spent running errands, cleaning the house, doing laundry and organizing my desk.  I think I had a month’s worth of mail that had yet to be opened and I had to pay a few magazine bills that the subscription had lapsed, (Men’s Health for Keith and Oxygen Magazine, my all time favorite health magazine for me).  Before I knew it, it was 12:30pm.  Keith and I decided to skip the workout (not the best decision after eating Chinese food the night before) and heading out to eat.  We tried a new restaurant that opened on Friday called the Prescott Station.  It was good, our waitress was super nice, but the food was just meh.  Nothing special and for the steep price, we were expecting to be blown away.  Keith got steak tacos and I got chicken tacos.  His were good but mine were just average.  We’ll probably try it out again one more time and then make our final judgment of the place.  Once home, we just hung out around the house and played the the little princess!  Smile

Sunday, I slept in until 6am!  Yes, that is a big sleep in day around the Conrad house.  For the past few days, the baby hasn’t been getting up for her 4am feeding and I’m loving it.  I headed straight into the gym right after I got out of bed to get my workout over with.  Once home, I took the babes and we headed to Target and Walgreen to get a few things for our upcoming trip to Minnesota.  Around 12:30pm, my old friend from childhood drove up to Prescott to visit.  She moved out to Scottsdale a few months ago, so it was really fun spending some time with her and catching up!  Nothing like hanging out with old friends to finish off the weekend!



I’ve been eating a lot of my same boring foods, egg wraps and smoothies, but I did make three new recipes that I’ll be sharing on the blog sometime in the next week.  Two of them I whipped up on my own, and one is based of a Giada recipe I got off the Food Network website.

Here are some pictures of my yummy eats:



Tropical smoothie


This is the bag of berries I use for my berry smoothies.  The fruit is all organic and it’s only $10 for this huge bag at Costco!IMG_9016IMG_9017

New chicken dish, recipe will be posted soonIMG_9047

Amazing Tex Mex salad, recipe will be posted soonIMG_9176

Awesome pasta dish inspired by Giada!IMG_9189IMG_9209




This past week I only got in four workouts.  I wont lie, I was lazy yesterday (Saturday).  I planned on getting in a workout, but then by noon I just wasn’t feel it.  During the week, I’ve really learned to adapt to working out whenever time presents itself, but over the weekend, if I don’t workout first thing in the morning, I don’t get my workout in.  I get too excited to get showered up and go do something with the family around town. 

Here are what my workouts looked like last week:

  • Monday-  45 minutes of cardio + core
  • Tuesday- Rest day
  • Wednesday- Rest day
  • Thursday-  20 minutes treadmill intervals + legs, chest and triceps
  • Friday-  Plyometrics
  • Saturday- Unplanned rest day
  • Sunday-  20 minutes treadmill intervals + back, biceps and shoulders


Well, that’s it for me!  I off to chug some water, I’m super thirsty for some reason and relax with the family!  I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow!



  • What was the best part of your weekend?
  • Do you love catching up with old friends like I do?
  • Do you tend to eat out more on the weekend?