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Happy 5 Months to Cameryn & Monday Recap

18 Jun

Today is Cameryn’s 5 month birthday!  To celebrate, here is a video clip taken from earlier today!



Today, my workout was 45 minutes of cardio and core. 

When I first started my workout today, I started and about 10 seconds in, I realized I didn’t have my iPod.  So, I went to my purse to grab it from a zippered pocket I had it in while in Minnesota.  But, to my disbelief it wasn’t there.  I then spent the next 30 minutes searching everywhere in our house.  I’m a very neat and organized person and knew I would only put it in three places in our house- the exercise room right next to the TV, in a drawer in our mud room or on my desk.  I check each location over and over and couldn’t find it.  I then decided I must have forgot it in MN, but knew I never took it out of my bag.  So I decided to check my purse pocket once again for the 10th time.  When I looked in the pocket, I realized there was a hole in it.  When I reached my finger in the hole, I felt my headphones and then my iPod!  Yay!  I was so relived!  There were hidden in between the purse liner and the purse!

Workout #1 is done, only 5 more to go this week!

  • Monday- 45 minutes cardio + core (at home)
  • Tuesday- 45 minutes cardio + core (at home)
  • Wednesday- Plyometric workout (at home)
  • Thursday- Intervals + legs, pecs and triceps (gym)
  • Friday- 45 minutes cardio (at home)
  • Saturday- Intervals + back, biceps and shoulders

Next time I’ll try looking at the camera!




My eats from today were as followed:

  • Breakfast- Coffee, Ezekiel English muffin with egg, cheese, spinach and salsa
  • AM Snack- Clif Mojo bar
  • Lunch- Banana berry smoothie with spinach, almond milk and vanilla protein powder
  • PM Snack- Kind bar and 1/2 a steak and veggie quesadilla
  • Dinner- Gigantic salad




Getting Back on Track

18 Jun

Happy Monday!  Today is the first full week back at home after going to Minnesota to visit family and get the baby baptized.  That means I need to get back on track with my workouts and healthy eating. 

When we usually go on vacation, we always always always make sure to get in our workouts.  With having a new addition with us who was overly tired and being overly busy seeing siblings, parents, friends, aunts and uncles, we decided to take a week off working out.  I was completely cool with this as I do believe taking a week off here or there is actually good for the body and the muscles.  It lets the muscles fully recover and also just gives the body a break.  My aching knees that were really starting to bother me, ache no more and I’m also totally excited to continue my weekly workouts.  I think taking a break helps to rejuvenate the desire to live a healthy lifestyle and to also stay motivated about workouts that can sometimes become repetitive.

With that being said, I did eat pretty healthy back in Minnesota.  I tried to eat an egg sandwich for breakfast, snack on Clif Mojo bars and eat one salad a day for either lunch or dinner.  When I got home my weight was up a pound but was back down the following day.

So with all that being said, I’m starting my workouts back up today.  I’m contemplating changing up my strength days, but will let you all know about that when and if I decide to do it.  I have six workouts planned for this week, so one more than what I normally try to get in, five.  Here is what my weekly scheduled workouts look like:

  • Monday-  45 minutes cardio + core (at home)
  • Tuesday-  45 minutes cardio + core (at home)
  • Wednesday- Plyometric workout (at home)
  • Thursday- Intervals + legs, pecs and triceps (gym)
  • Friday- 45 minutes cardio (at home)
  • Saturday- Intervals + back, biceps and shoulders

If I don’t get in a workout, I’m guessing it will be Tuesday’s as I’m super busy with work in the morning and getting my workout in all depends on the baby.  I planned an extra cardio day this week for Friday so I can make up for it if I do only get my five workouts in!


My day today is just going to be getting the house and my life organized, get some work done, do some laundry and of course get in my workout all while taking care of my little princess! 

I’m off to start my day, I’ll see you guys back here with a daily recap this evening.  I made a decision and I’m going to try to stick with it, but I’m planning on just taking 5 minutes each night to blog my food and workouts for you all to see since I’ve had some requests.

45 minutes of cardio, here I come!!!

Motivational Trainer Quote to get your through Monday:  You can accomplish any goal, big or small, as long as you take the first step and believe in yourself!!!