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Cameryn: Week 23

30 Jun

Time is going by so quickly, I can hardly keep up with all the weekly baby update posts!  I’m going though because I think it will be really fun to look back on for both Cameryn and I.  I actually bought her a baby memory book a few days ago and plan on printing out all these weekly updates and adding them into the book! 

There weren’t many new things this week, she just keeps growing and getting bigger.  I think she was about 15lbs the last time I weighed her.  We’ll get her official weight at her six month check up late this month. 

  • Cameryn is still in size two diapers, although our most recent order I had to order one size two and then I got one case of size 3.  I didn’t want her to outgrow her size two diapers, even though they say they will fit up to 18lbs.  She wears Seventh Generation diapers and occasionally she wears Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive’s if we run out of the others or when we’re on vacation since you can buy them anywhere.
  • Cameryn is now going to bed around 6pm every night.  It usually takes her a little while to fall asleep, but that is when we start the bed time routine.  Lately she’s been really tired so I just take her into her nursery and rock/nurse her to sleep.
  • Cameryn is currently sleeping until about 5:30am with one feeding around 2:30am.  This is a nice and welcomed changed from the two nightly feedings (12:30am and 4:30am) she was just doing a couple weeks ago.
  • We decided to go back to an old routine we used to do which is after Cameryn gets up in the morning and has had her morning feed to immediately put her in her swing so she can call back asleep for a couple more hours.  She had started playing with toys right away in the morning and I think with all the sounds and lights they were a little too much for her first thing, so we went back to just putting her in her swing and letting her chill a bit.  She usually sleeps more and that makes for a happier Cameryn all day long.
  • Since she is now sleeping more in the morning, she is getting just one big nap a day.  An afternoon nap.  She usually starts getting tired by noon and she’ll fall sleep between 12:30-1pm and sleep for about 3 hours.  The only problem though is she likes me right next to her or she cries and wakes up.  I’ve been trying my hardest to sneak away so I can get some things done around the house.  I usually don’t mind snuggling her from 2-3 while she naps so I can watch General Hospital the soap opera I used to be addicted too.  I’m now addicted to it again.
  • Cameryn still has no teeth and is drooling a lot.  She gets really cranky when she gets up from her afternoon nap and I think it is her teeth that are bothering her.  I went out and got teething tablets, but we haven’t tried them yet since she hasn’t shown any signs lately she is in a lot of discomfort because of her teething.
  • Cameryn is still a very clingy baby and doesn’t like to be too far away from mom.  I’ve started wearing her around the house again in her baby Britax carrier and she loves it.  She cries when I leave the room, put her down or don’t give her constant attention.  I read that it is a phase babies go through so I’m just trying to go with the flow.
  • She is also definitely in her stranger phase.  Where ever we go people want to stop us and take a peak at her and when they do and she’s awake, she gets this terrified look on her face, her bottom lip juts put and she starts crying. 
  • She is still flipping from back to stomach and stomach to back easily.
  • She uses her hands and loves to get into a push up stance and hold herself there
  • She is addicted to her jumper.  She could jump all day long.  It is so cute!

Week 23 Pictures