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Training Kind of Day!

17 Jul

Hey friends!!!  Smile



Today started with another early morning workout at home.  Cameryn got us up at 5:10am, so immediately when I rolled out of bed, I put on my workout clothes and did 45 minutes on the elliptical.  It went by pretty fast and I got caught up on a recent issue of Women’s Health  to help the time go by.  Cameryn also kept me entertained as she played on her play mat near by.  At about 20 minutes I needed to hop off and rescue her from her crying and I managed to get het in her swing without hesitation for the remaining 25 minutes.

Another workout crossed off my list.  I’m planning on getting in the plyometric workout tomorrow, hopefully first thing in the morning again.

  • 45 minutes cardio + core
  • 45 minutes cardio + core
  • 20 minutes intervals on treadmill + strength
  • 20 minutes intervals on treadmill + strength
  • Plyometric workout


Here are my eats for the day so far:

  • Breakfast-  Decaf coffee, Ezekiel wrap with egg, cheese, spinach and salsa
  • AM Snack-  Clif Mojo bar and Kombucha (about an hour later)
  • Lunch- Potato chips and pistachios <—just a few while I was getting Keith’s lunch ready. My real  lunch was a citrus smoothie (orange, frozen banana, grapefruit, vanilla protein powder, almond milk and ice, blend until smooth and creamy, delish!)
  • Dinner- *Rigatoni pasta salad*  <—not yet consumed but it is waiting on the stove ready to be ate!  It is pretty amazeballs!  Smile 

I forgot how much the rigatoni pasta makes, I think we’ll have A TON of leftovers.  But that’s okay, as I think it is even better the next day when all the flavors really had a chance to blend together!

Here are a few eats pics!

Dinner form last night, I could only eat about half until I was super stuffed, that never happens


Citrus smoothie


Keith’s Panini!  I will share the recipe with you guys later this week, it is out of this world good!  I had one yesterday for lunch and LOVED it!


Tonight’s dinner!  I took a few pics to share before putting it back in the pan on the stove for you guys to see!  IMG_0476IMG_0479



After my workout this morning I had to race to get showered up and breakfast ready so I could make it into the gym by 8am to train.  I trained three clients and then had to meet Keith somewhere for an appointment.  I can’t tell you guys just yet, but will soon be able to share some fun things that are happening in our lives!  Winking smile

After the appointment I headed home with the baby and got caught up on a little General Hospital (man, I love that show) and snuggled with the baby so she could get her nap in.  Recently, she wont nap unless I’m holding her for she is snuggled next to me in bed.  I think she is acting ultra clingy still from her traumatic hospital stay.  She used to nap on her own, but she has since regressed. 

Speaking of her sleeping habits, I did a little online shopping while she was napping and purchased a few parenting books from Amazon.  I’m most excited for The No-Cry Sleep Solution.  Have any of you heard about it or read the book?  I’m hoping it will help us get C to finally sleep in her own room.  She is starting to take up half the bed, I’m not joking, and I haven’t been sleeping much at all.  I love having her snuggled next to me, but I do need to get some sleep.  But, I’m such a pushover and she always ends up in bed with us at night. 

Speaking of shopping online, I also ordered her a splat mat for under her high chair and I found this super cute on from  It is from a ‘store’ called Baby’s Indulgence and I think the pattern is so pretty!  I searched everywhere online last Friday and I liked this one the best!  I can’t wait for it to arrive since we are planning on starting Cameryn on solids starting on Saturday!  Yay!

Medium Splat Mat - Art Mat Laminated Cotton Blue Lindy Leaf by Heather Bailey 35x48 Inches, BPA and PVC free

Well that’s it for me, I’ve got to go tend to a crying baby…



  • What’s for dinner tonight?
  • What foods/recipes are you currently loving right now?
  • What was your workout for today?  How about you weekly workout plan?