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Cameryn 26 Weeks, 6 Months

18 Jul

Week 26 was the week of Cameryn’s first cold.  While we were in the hospital she developed a cough and it turned into a full blown cold by the time we got home.  Go figure!

We discovered that Cameryn hates and I mean hates getting her nose wiped.  I also discovered that if you get the Kleenex/burp rag/washcloth a little damp before doing it, she tolerates it much more. 

I am happy to report the cold is almost completely gone, she just had some mucus left to get rid of!

Other news from the week, Cameryn turned 6 months yesterday!  How did that happen?  I can’t believe my little princess is already half a year!

To start of her half year birthday yesterday, Cameryn tried standing all by herself.  Here is how she did:


It is crazy to see her standing!!!!

Not to bad!  She had her chest pressed up against the ottoman but I think she did a terrific job for her first attempt and since the ottoman moves I was really proud of her!

She still isn’t crawling, but I’m in no hurry to have her start.  We still haven’t baby proofed our house yet, although I almost stocked up on items while browsing the baby aisle in Target yesterday.  I have a feeling I’ll be back there sooner than later purchasing those items, like wall outlet covers!

Although she isn’t crawling yet, she does try and get really frustrated!  She scoots her butt up into the air and positions her hands right under her shoulders but then doesn’t know how to move her legs to make her go forward.  It is really cute watching her try, but then she gets so mad her face turns beet red and she makes this loud screams to vent her frustrations! 

It is amazing how much her personality shines through her everyday revealing a little more.  So far, I think she is a high strung, tenacious little girl!  She knows what she likes and doesn’t like and she definitely will cry for hours if she has to to get her way. 

For examples, ever since we’ve been home form the hospital, she wont let me put her down.  I love her and don’t’ mind holding her, but I can’t hold her all day long like she wants.  It is now a battle to even eat or run to the bathroom without her breaking out into a screaming cry.  She used to be able to sleep in her swing during the day so I could get things done around the house, but now she hates it.  The only thing that will make her happy is if I’m holding her or laying right next to her in our bed while she naps.  If I try to sneak away or put her into her swing/crib, her eyes immediately open find mine and then she starts screaming her head off.  I’m hoping this doesn’t last much longer and tell myself she is acting like this since she had a traumatic hospital experience just last week.  I guess only time will tell!


Week 26 Pictures:





Question:  How do you get rid of your baby’s cold?  Any tips?





Cameryn 25 Weeks

18 Jul

This week was filled with ER visits and a hospital stay.

There wasn’t many new developments, but I can report Cameryn is now healthy and happy!

We spent the majority of the week just cuddling and snuggling! 

She did get to experience her first 4th of July, but didn’t stay up late enough to catch any fireworks.  Maybe next year!  Her first 4th of July was cold, dark, dreary and rainy, so we spent the day cozied up in the house.  I’m excited to take her to the parade and other events next year, and hopefully the weather will be nice!

Cameryn did get her high chair this week and she seems to be taking a liking to it!  I put her in it and she picks up her spoons and tries to get them in her mouth.  I think it is good she plays with her little utensils to get used to them, before there is food going in her mouth!

That’s it for this week, I think her hospital post pretty much summed up the week!

Here are Week 25 Pictures:


In the hospital


First time ever in a high chair!