Cameryn 25 Weeks

18 Jul

This week was filled with ER visits and a hospital stay.

There wasn’t many new developments, but I can report Cameryn is now healthy and happy!

We spent the majority of the week just cuddling and snuggling! 

She did get to experience her first 4th of July, but didn’t stay up late enough to catch any fireworks.  Maybe next year!  Her first 4th of July was cold, dark, dreary and rainy, so we spent the day cozied up in the house.  I’m excited to take her to the parade and other events next year, and hopefully the weather will be nice!

Cameryn did get her high chair this week and she seems to be taking a liking to it!  I put her in it and she picks up her spoons and tries to get them in her mouth.  I think it is good she plays with her little utensils to get used to them, before there is food going in her mouth!

That’s it for this week, I think her hospital post pretty much summed up the week!

Here are Week 25 Pictures:


In the hospital


First time ever in a high chair!






3 Responses to “Cameryn 25 Weeks”

  1. Heather Englund (@FitMamaRealFood) July 18, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

    She’s so full of smiles! Glad she’s better and back home 🙂


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