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Workout of the Week: Sweaty Circuit Workout

28 Jul

Hey there friends!

I just got back from a sweaty gym workout and wanted to share another one with you!  Today I worked my hamstrings, shoulders, back and biceps.  I also ran intervals for 20 minutes.  But, for you I have a fun circuit workout!  I have written many times before, I love doing circuits.  I love them because they keep my heart rate up so I get in a cardio workout while getting my strength training in!

*Note, I didn’t set the number of reps for this workout because I wanted you to do however many you want to keeping your own fitness goals in mind.

*Remember to consult with you doctor before trying a new workout routine out.*



Sweaty Circuit Workout
Warm Up:  5 minutes
Circuit #1
Squat Shoulder Press
Stationary Lunge with Lateral Raise
V-Sit with Bicycle Crunch
*Cardio Interval- 5 minutes on Treadmill
Circuit #2
Walking Lunge Bicep Curls
Squats with Hammer Curl
Mountain Climbers
*Cardio Interval- 5 minutes on Treadmill
Circuit #3
Squat with Cable Row
Back Extension with Oblique Twist
Plié Squat with Swinging Overhead Dumbbell Lift
*Cardio Interval- 5 minutes on Treadmill
Circuit #4
Stability Ball Alt. Chest Press and Pec Fly
Push Ups
Side Plank with 15 Lifts
*Cardio Interval- 5 minutes on Treadmill


Most importantly have fun!  Grab a friend and head to the gym!  You’ll both be buzzing off all the endorphins you get form this workout!  Smile