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Weekend Recap and Goal Setting

6 Aug


Good morning and happy Monday!  Here we are at the start of another new week!  I used to not like Monday’s but now I like using them to get organized for the week ahead and I always look at it like the first day in the new week!

This past weekend felt long for some reason.  We really didn’t do much at all and I think that is why it felt so long.

Friday, after running errands and cleaning the house during the day we just chilled at night.  It is hard to do anything at night since Cameryn typically goes to bed so early and we have been trying to really enforce a bedtime routine hoping it will help her sleep better at night.

Saturday, Keith and I took turns working out at the gym in the morning.  We went out for lunch at the Firehouse Kitchen and I had calamari tacos.  They were great!  Saturday evening, we had crockpot chicken again (we had it Friday night for dinner) and made taco bowls. Mine included black beans, romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onion, avocado, jalapenos, cheese, chicken and salsa!  I could be missing something but I think that was everything.  It was amazing and healthy too!  Love!

Sunday we started off our day bright and early and went to the 7am mass at church.  The whole time we were there I was just praying Cameryn wouldn’t poop.  She didn’t and was a very good girl!  After church we walked the dog, made breakfast and then just hung out for a while watching the Olympics.  Afterwards we got caught up on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and took it easy the rest of the day.  Cameryn ended up going down for a nap and finally falling asleep around 3pm and then she didn’t get up until 6pm (her usual bedtime).  After bath and play time she finally went back to bed at 8pm and slept pretty good until almost 7am!  That is unheard of for her!



Eats this weekend were mostly healthy.  The usual, egg sandwiches, smoothies, Clif Mojo bars were in there and then we had a turkey burger, shredded crockpot chicken, and Keith and I split two cookies from New Frontiers (our local organic grocery store).

Speaking of local organic grocery stores, have any of you heard of Natural Grocers?  One is opening in about a month a few miles form our house and I’m excited to see what they have!  If you have been to one, please give me details! 

Here is what our dinner plan looks like for this week:

  • Monday:  leftover shredded crockpot chicken (either make a salad, taco bowl or taco)
  • Tuesday:  Turkey burgers (early dinner since they tend to be big)
  • Wednesday:  Salad with chicken breast
  • Thursday:  Salad with chicken breast
  • Friday:  Flank steak (either for salads, or fajitas)

We tend to eat a lot of the same foods, but we love them.  I could eat Mexican food and salads practically every night!  Smile



Last week, I got in all five of my workouts.  On my rest days, I did active rest days and went walking with the dog!

Since I’m seeing results with my current workout plan, I’m going to keep going with it until I feel like I need a change.  With that being said, today is a cardio and core day!  This workout usually takes me just about an hour. 

My weight was up just a tad today but it always is on a Monday.  I expect to lose another pound by this Friday, making me only one pound away from my goal.  I think when I make it, I might decide to try and lose 3 more pounds and then just focus of really toning my muscle and getting better definition.  So at that time I’ll probably decide to lift three times a week and cut cardio sessions down to just twice a week!



So, if you have been following my blog, you know if I set a goal, it is usually a small one.  I usually have two goals at all times.  My large main one and then my smaller ones I use along the way to get to the bigger one.

By goal setting this way, I keep the big picture goal in the back of my head but by making smaller goals, I am able to feel like I’ve accomplished something quicker.  Feeling accomplished makes me feel excited and more eager to continue of my journey and ultimately reach the end goal (the big one)!

I use this type of mental goal setting all the time with my clients.  For example lets say I have a client Becca.  If Becca came to me because she wants to lose 20lbs overall, we might start with the first of many smaller goals being for Becca to change her eating to incorporate a salad a day for lunch.  Becca can easily accomplish this smaller goal which will help her to reach her ultimate goal.  Becca’s next goal might be a five pound weight loss.  This might take her two weeks, or it might take her a month, but it is still going to be accomplished way quicker than the 20lbs. 

I truly believe in this way of thinking and goal setting and it can be applied in all areas of your life, not only used with health and fitness.  Maybe you can try this to boost your savings account.  Maybe your goal is to add $10,000 to you account in one year.  Well instead of waiting a whole year to reach your goal, setting ten smaller goals of adding $1,000 into your account will help you stick with it and give you the feelings of accomplishment that will keep you on track.

I’m also a big fan of non food rewards.  Say your goal was to workout 20 times in one month.  When you hit that goal, treat yourself to a facial or go out and buy yourself new workout clothes!  Rewards are a great way to stay on track.

My final thoughts on goal setting are to make your goals known to anyone who will listen.  If you tell people what you plan on doing, you are much more likely to see it through as people are expecting you to do it.  A few years back, Keith and I decided to run the Sedona half marathon.  I told a few of my clients months before the actual race day that we were going to train and run it.  Well, life got in the way and I kind of forgot about it.  The next thing I knew, one of my clients asked when the race was and how training had been going.  Gulp.  I hadn’t even signed up for it let alone thought I was going to run it.  But since I had told her I was going to, Keith and I signed up for the race a week before hand and only trained and ran a few long runs days before the race.  Needless to say, we both got our butts out there and ran it, but since we didn’t train properly our muscles and joints were killing us.  But you know what?  We are both so happy we decided to run it with basically no training.  We had a ton of fun and we both crossed the finish line.  Had I not talked about our goal to my clients, we probably wouldn’t have even ran it.

So I urge you all to make a big goal and use smaller goals to get to it!


I hope you all have a great day!