Workout of the Week- Fun August Circuits

8 Aug

It’s that time again, circuit time!  As many of you know I love love love circuits!  I like how you can get a whole body workout in less time all while keeping your heart rate up to burn calories efficiently!  In this week’s workout of the week, I put together a fun August circuits workout that will target your whole body. 

Pick the number of reps that suits your own fitness level and goals, but remember to make sure every rep counts and use weights that will fatigue the muscles!  Try and do each circuit 2-3 times continuously before doing your cardio burst (2-5minutes).

Trainer Tip:  If you can’t feel your muscles working on the last few reps during a strength exercise, you’re wasting you time!

*Please consult with a doctor before beginning a new workout program/routine and always check with a certified personal trainer about any questions you have regarding the exercises or form!*


Workout of the Week August 8 2012


Even Cameron Diaz has to workout!  Here she is working on her side planks!

and tire flips!

Trainer Tip #2:  Remember to workout hard and you will see results!  Consistency and eating right are the key to accomplishing your health and fitness goals!  They go hand in hand!

Question:  Are you a fan of circuits?


2 Responses to “Workout of the Week- Fun August Circuits”

  1. HollieisFueledByLOLZ August 8, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    Mountain climbers make me so sore. They are such a good workout but so all aboard the pain train!

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