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Having a Fat Day…

10 Aug

I weigh myself almost every day.  Every Friday I make sure to weigh in as that is the day I use to see if I lost anything during the week.  Since I still have about 2lbs to lose until I make it to my goal, I weighed in first thing this morning.  I was feeling pretty confident I was going to make my goal.  Then the scale read two pounds higher more than I was expecting…

What a way to start the weekend!

After sulking for a few minutes I decided to not let the scale weight get to me, although it can be hard not to let it.  After all I’ve been losing one pound a week for the past three weeks and know that my body is most likely holding onto excess water weight (I’ve been eating pretty healthy but did have Chinese food on Wednesday night) and I’ve only got in two of my five workouts for the week.  Not to mention we’ve had a pretty high stress week over here in the Conrad house.  

So my plan this weekend is to eat extremely healthy.  That means lots of lean proteins, vegetables, lemon water and flaxseed drinks.  Probably wont be drinking too much wine either.  Maybe just a small glass each night. Smile  I still have about 2 1/2 weeks left before I wanted to make my goal and about two pounds to go still.  I can do it!

I don’t want to go on and on about me having a Friday fat day, because I mean who wants to listen to my rant going into the weekend?

My motto for the day! 

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Speaking of the weekend, this weekend we plan to keep it pretty laid back like always.  We are making some crockpot shredded beef for the first time tonight and then tomorrow we’re planning on going to some friends house to have dinner and hang out.  It is hard to get together with people in the evening since Cameryn goes to bed at 5pm some days and at 8pm others.  It all depends on her naps during the day.

We’ll that’s all from me today!  On my agenda is breakfast up next, dog walk, workout then I’m heading to get my highlights touched up a bit since when I did overall color it made me hair look a bit brassy!

Also, this morning we find out either really great news or some not so great news.  The source of all the stress in our house for the past week will hopefully be gone…but I’ll fill you guys in next week! 

I’m off to read my post of why you shouldn’t let the scale dictate your mood.  Even with being a personal trainer I need a good reminder every now and again!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!  Hopefully it isn’t too hot where you live!  We’re going to be at about 100 all weekend…oh joy!


  • Do you let the scale dictate your mood for the day?
  • Do you own a scale?  If so how often do you weigh in?
  • How hot will it be where you live this weekend?  I’m getting really excited for fall and cooler temps!