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Cameryn Olivia: Weeks 28 & 29

11 Aug

These past two weeks like always have gone so fast!

When I sat down to write up my weekly post, I realized two weeks had gone by!

While Cameryn isn’t officially crawling, she can get from point A to point B in just seconds.  I don’t know how she does it but she gets places without having to crawl.  I can’t leave her for even a minute or she will be getting into something.  She is thisclose to crawling and has actually done it a few times but doesn’t realize she is crawling so she stops.  I’m totally okay with her postponing crawling as much as possible since we haven’t baby proofed out home yet.

Speaking of baby proofing, I did start baby proofing her nursery.  I put in the electrical plugs in the outlets we don’t use so she doesn’t get to one and try and stick her tongue in it! 

These days, everything is in the mouth and that includes walls, mirrors, and even her crib!

She is still not sleeping in her crib, but to be honest I’m okay with that.  She is still nursing 2-3 times a night so I don’t mind having her right next to me.  It makes things easy and lets us both get a bit more sleep.

Cameryn is sleeping really good as of recent.  She will usually sleep almost 11 hours with the few nightly feedings.  She still needs to be nursed to fall asleep but we’re working on that.

Our new morning ritual is after a little playtime, she goes into her swing and watches a Baby Einstein movie.  She loves it!  She usually giggles at her favorite scenes and then by the time the 30 minute movie over she is sleeping.  She sleeps anywhere from 1-4 more hours!  She is usually up by 10am!

Naps have gone down to about once a day, and she goes down anywhere from noon to 2pm.  Sometimes it is a struggle to get her to nap, but eventually she falls asleep.  Her afternoon nap is anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours, but usually right in the middle somewhere.

Solids have been going good.  I noticed she was having a little pain in her stomach with just being on the rice cereal and oatmeal so we give it to her maybe once every other day, sometimes more.  It has really helped out her stomach.  Today she is actually starting vegetables!  Yay!  I’ve been waiting for this day!  I bought three small zucchinis and can’t wait to feed them to her this afternoon!

Cameryn is now starting to wear size 9 month clothing as of just a few days ago!  I went through her 6 month clothes yesterday and packed a bunch of them up.  So sad!  I need to go out and buy a fourth large Rubbermaid to hold all of the clothes she has outgrown! 

At the beginning of week 28, Cameryn had her 6 month doctor’s checkup.  The doctor commented on what great care we take of her and how beautiful her skin and eyes were!  She also got two vaccinations (we are doing an alternate schedule where she will get everything but just monthly instead of every other month).  Here are her stats: 

  • Head:  41.5cm (24.46%)
  • Weight:  14lbs 15.6oz  (23.16%)
  • Height":  24.5”  (4%)  <—This is not a good measurement of her, while at the hospital with her she was 26”.  So when we got home I made Keith measure her with me and she was 26”.  I almost had the nurse premeasure her but they were so slow and after being at the doctor’s for two hours I just wanted to get out of there!

So, based on her last measurements, she is growing right along and is healthy as can be!  Smile

Other new developments, Cameryn loves to smack her lips together and make a face like she is chewing something…

She is also really interested in anything electronics related, cell phones, computers, iPads, remotes…

She also gets really distracted if she sees something she isn’t familiar with or if she hears a noise. This makes nursing her, feeding her solids and diaper changes a challenge at times.  She likes to be busy at all times!

Speaking of diaper changes, she now loathes them.  I used to be able to sing to her while changing her and she didn’t mind, now between her trying to roll onto her belly, touch the wall and her cries it is a real pain in the butt! 

Week 28 & 29 Pics!


Baby stuff is starting to take over our house!  I got her this play mat for only $20 at Costco.  They also have it in pink/purple color combo.  Since we have hard travertine floors I wanted to have something more than a rug for when she rolls.  I like it because it only takes two minutes to take out and also put away!


Trying to crawl!


Getting fed by Daddy for the first time!  It didn’t last long, Keith has a weird phobia about any foods with the word cereal in them!IMG_0936

Trying on her old 3 month coat!  It fits!


Playing with new toys!