House Update and Meal Planning

27 Sep

Hi there!

How have you guys been?

I’ve been super busy over here.

The house under taking is going slowly and taking over our lives…

But, the total gut job is almost done.  A few neighbors stopped by and commented about how we were totally redoing the house.  They didn’t realize how much we were changing.

So far, we got new carpeting and a new carpet pad installed (yesterday), have half of the new tile laid (after having to take out the old stuff), installed three new ceiling fans, painted the entire house, ordered and received new kitchen appliances, bought a new sink and faucet (I never knew how expensive they are), are about half way done turning the cherry cabinets to new white ones and have a custom built in for the cut out in the kitchen being made and also book shelves for the extra space on the kitchen island are on custom order. 

Oh and did I mention we picked out tile for the fireplace yesterday.  It is white stone and will look great!  I can’t wait.  We want to take the stone from the floor to the ceiling and get a custom dark wood mantle for it installed as well.  We need to move on the fireplace fast so I can hang a little someone’s Christmas stocking!  Smile

A picture of the stone we picked out



Here are a few sneak peak pictures of the progress so far!  I can’t share too many with you guys, I want to wait until I can do a complete before and after!  Smile

(This is a before pic)


Close up of the flooring we’re putting in (although it’s dirty)


Cabinets were cherry and they are in the process of transforming into white!


As you can see, we have a ways to go in this next week.  We hope to move in next Friday!  I have a feeling this week is going to be crazy and fly by! 



My eats have remained healthy during this whole process, but my workouts not so much.  I’ve only been getting in a couple per week and I can really tell a difference in how I feel.  I can’t wait to start getting more workouts in but it realistically wont happen until we’re moved.  The good news is, being so  busy I’m moving much more during the day then I normally do so at least I’m not just sitting around on my butt!



Late yesterday my father in law arrived back to Arizona (he and my mother in law were here two weeks a go for a week).  He is here to help Keith finish tiling the house.  With the guys working hard all day, they are starving by the end of the day.  So, I planned out some meals that are mostly healthy and definitely hearty to fill them up and prepare them for more house work in the morning!

Meal Plan (Wednesday-Monday)

  • Wednesday (last night)- Shredded chicken tacos with salsa, cheese and avocado
  • Thursday- Spaghetti with homemade vegetable meat tomato sauce, garlic bread and salad
  • Friday-  Salmon with brown rice, sautéed spinach and asparagus
  • Saturday-  Flank Steak Fajitas with red and green bell pepper, onion and mushrooms
  • Sunday-  Ribs with red potatoes and salad
  • Monday- Leftover flank steak and ribs with salad or grilled chicken breast if there aren’t any leftover Winking smile


I’m really trying to get back to my daily blogging as I love sharing my eats, workouts and daily musings with you guys!  I miss blogging and miss my readers!

Kjirsten xoxo


Question of the Day:  How do you stay healthy during overly busy times?


4 Responses to “House Update and Meal Planning”

  1. HeatherB September 29, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    I love before and after photos! You guys have your hands full but sounds like its going smooth. Can’t wait to hear about the finished product!

  2. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily September 29, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    The progress pictures are looking awesome so far!!!!

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