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Cameryn: 10 Months

12 Dec

My little princess is ten months (actually closing in on 11 months, but I thought I better put this post together sooner than later)! 

New developments for ten months:

  • Cameryn loves trying to stand on her own, she can get about 10 seconds before she butt bombs down, but then she will get back up and try again.  This will go on for about 30 minutes!
  • She can walk with her Fisher Price Laugh and Learn dog walker.  I highly recommend it to anyone with a young baby!  She hasn’t tried taking steps on her own yet…
  • She continues to explore foods and her absolutely favorites are broccoli and blueberries!  Baby healthy nut!  Smile
  • Teeth:  0
  • Words:  mama, dada, hi
  • Cameryn weighs in at about 16.5lbs and is about 27 inches tall.  She is on the small side for being ten months, but I think that is because she was so early.
  • Cameryn is still sleeping with us in bed and we plan on keeping  her there until I’m done nursing her, which wont be too much longer.
  • Cameryn has learned to throw tantrums if she doesn’t get what she wants or if I attempt to put her into her crib.  So far, she always wins…
  • Cameryn celebrated both Daddy’s 31st birthday, her first Halloween and had a visit from Grandma (my mom) and Aunt Bette (my aunt).
  • She is still napping about twice a day for at least an hour and will also sleep a bit in her car seat when we are running errands.
  • She usually goes to bed around 6:30 and waked up 12 hours later at 6:30am.  She is not sleeping through the night though.  She waked up a lot and needs to nurse back to sleep.
  • I still need to get C in her Halloween costume and snap some pics!  She only wore it for a bit so I didn’t get any good ones!

Month 10 Pictures: