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Cameryn Olivia: Month 11

9 Jan

Although I am behind on these posts I want to get caught up before the birthday girl turns one next week!  Next week, I can’t even believe it! 

My little baby is now approaching toddler-dom!  It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant and awaiting my special baby girl to arrive.  She was so tiny and now she is a big girl!  She no longer seems like a little baby to me. 


Here are a few new developments from month 11:

  • Cameryn loves riding in shopping carts!  I am a germ freak so I always wipe down everything and then put a blanket down so she (knock on wood) doesn’t catch anything from the carts!  Smile  But she loves waving to people and loves the view from up high!
  • Cameryn is trying her hardest to walk on her own but isn’t there yet.  She loves all her push toys and walks with them as assistance all over the house!  She holds her head up just a bit higher and stares at you until you give her praise!  You can tell she is proud!  She is crawling like a speed racer though!
  • Speaking of walking, she uses anything and everything to keep her up so she can walk, like the wall.  It isn’t uncommon to find her up against the couch or a wall moving!
  • She is wearing size 12 months perfectly.  Some of the pants are still a bit big though, but the shirts fit a lot better.  She is also wearing size 9 month and 12 month pajamas.  Diapers are size 3 during the day and size 4 overnight.
  • Cameryn is trying to sleep through the night.  Her bedtime is around 6:30pm and she sleeps until about 6-7am.  She usually wakes up for a feeding at midnight and 4am.  Sometimes she is up around 2am as well.  She is still in our bed, but knowing we are going to transition her soon, I’m soaking up every last minute of snuggles before she is out of our bed. 
  • Cameryn is teething like crazy!  We have teeth!  Two of them!  She got her bottom right one first, followed by her top right one.  They are still slowly coming in.  I have a feeling more are on the way (that’s because there are more now!)
  • Cameryn’s favorite foods are still broccoli and blueberries.  I’ve tried giving her chicken but she just threw it all off her tray and onto the floor.  She also is just slowly warming up to cheese.  I’ve given her a few different flavors and she sort of picks at it.  Besides lots of fruit and vegetables she is still nursing on demand during the day and night.
  • Cameryn’s best friend is Quincy!  She loves him so much and tries to play with him by throwing him his ball.
  • Cameryn had her first Thanksgiving and also her Grandpa Andy came out for a visit!  She also travelled to Jerome, AZ for a day of fun and helped us decorate the house for Christmas for the first time!
  • Cameryn also mastered waving, clapping and blowing raspberries on command!  Smile  She also loves to give her mommy and daddy kisses throughout the day!
  • Words:  mama, dada, haaii (something that sounds like hi), also she says something that sounds a lot like I love you!


Pictures from 11 months:

Helping decorate for Christmas!

IMG_3514IMG_3502 1

Thanksgiving morning!


Thanksgiving!  She loved shredding the Black Friday ads!

IMG_3449IMG_3456IMG_3459IMG_3587 1IMG_3615

Eating blueberries!

IMG_3629IMG_3656 1

Cameryn left her shoes out for Saint Nick!