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Happy Birthday Cameryn!–12 Months

21 Jan

My little princes, Cameryn, turned ONE on Friday!

She has now entered into the world of the toddler.  Gone is my little baby girl who I could snuggle for hours.  In her place is a vivacious, happy and sassy little girl who knows what she wants at all times and when she wants it!  She is always on the go and is such a curious little one!  She loves to explore and play outside.  She also loves doing things she knows she isn’t suppose to, like dig around in the cabinet under the kitchen sink!  All I have to do is look at her and she starts giggling and will back away from the cabinet!

Having the pleasure to be Cameryn’s mom has been the biggest blessing in my life this far.  I know I have changed for the better over the course of the past year and now my life in consumed with making her the happiest girl in the world and I love it!  Cameryn is my heart and I honestly love her more than I can even explain!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Some 12 month facts:

  • WALKING!  There is no stopping her now!  About two weeks before her birthday, she took her first steps and hasn’t looked back since.  She dislikes crawling now and only want to be walking.  She recently learned how to stand without grabbing onto something with support!
  • I’m not sure of her stats, but we have a doctor’s appointment at the end of the month.  Everyone tells us how small she is for one year, so I’m curious to see where she’s at.
  • Cameryn is wearing size 4 diapers, both overnight and during the day.  Clothing is usually 12 months, although she can still fit in some 9 month pants and also can wear some 18 month shirts!
  • She has starting singing and it is so cute!  She says “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and keeps repeating herself while changing the pitch and it is so stinking cute!
  • She also LOVES to dance!  She shakes her head back and forth as fast as she can.  She has been doing this for a while now, but it is so cute when she hears music, she knows to dance!
  • She can also recognize many words such as TV, fan, dolls/dollys, come here, can you get that for me, head, toesies, belly button (although she only thinks mama has one!), high five, wave (she also will start waving when she hears hi, bye, good morning, good night), how old are you (she puts up one finger), dance and a few others as well.
  • She will also tell you when she wants something or not.  For example, I’ll ask she Cameryn do you want any toast? and she’ll shake her head no.
  • Speaking of food, she is all about her fruit.  She can’t get enough.  She loves blueberries more than any other food.  Other favorites are bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, broccoli, yogurt, avocados and applesauce.  So far, she hasn’t taken to eating proteins (meats/beans) or really many carbs.  I try giving her pasta, toast, mini pitas, gluten and egg free Vans French toast and waffles.  She will take a bite or two and then she is done.  Right now she is eating about 2 big meals a day and 2 snacks.  Anything she doesn’t like, she feeds to the dog.  When I’m sitting next to her, she’ll trick me and pretend like she is going to give me a piece of her food.  Then, when I reach my hand out to hers, she pulls her hand away and stuffs the food into her mouth!  It is so cute!
  • She is also still breastfeeding.  I’m just now starting to think about weaning her.  I don’t think she is ready at all though, so it will be a gradual process.  I’d like to be done by the end of February, but we’ll see how the weaning goes (I would continue to breastfeed for longer but if Keith and I are thinking about trying for another baby possibly sometime this year, I need to wean Cameryn in order to get my cycle back).  Keith and I don’t drink milk (Keith is lactose and I just get grossed out by it) so I’m also trying to decide what type of milk if any to give Cameryn.  I’m sure it wont be cow’s milk though.  That is something I need to speak with the pediatrician about.  I did a lot of research and am not convinced that one year olds even need milk if you can supplement the calcium and fat through other foods such as avocados, spinach, broccoli, yogurt and cheese for example.  But we’ll see.
  • Cameryn is still sleeping in our bed and we are going to start sleep training her next week.  The first order, breaking the habit of nursing her to sleep.  She will cry and cry and cry unless I nurse her to sleep, so that will be the first challenge!  After that its onto the crib.  I need to get a crib rail protector first as her little teeth have already made a few good bite marks on her beautiful crib!  She goes to bed around 6pm and usually sleeps until 6am.  She will be up for about an hour and then will go down for her morning nap.  Then she takes a second nap right around 2pm.
  • Cameryn says a lot of words, we just don’t know what she is talking about.  Favorites include:  mama, dada, ada and what sounds like I love you!  She is also starting to get good at imitating sounds and words when you ask her.  We have many conversations during the day! 
  • Cameryn now has FOUR teeth, with two more about to pop through at any time!  She has her two bottom and top on top and the two new ones are also on top!  She also started brushing her teeth this month and loves it! 
  • Cameryn has become so mobile, it’s hard to get a picture of her anymore when she is sitting nicely and smiling for the camera!
  • She also has decided to hate all hair flowers, headbands and bows!  I put one on she she immediately rips it off!  If I can distract her she’ll leave it on for a few minutes!
  • Cameryn loves playing chasing games!  I’ll say I’m going to get you and she tries to run away from me before I catch her, pick her up, tickle her and give her kisses! 
  • Cameryn is finally starting to really LOVE books!  Yay!  We got her a bunch for her birthday.  One of the books we got her was the Dr. Suess Birthday Book and Keith and I both took time writing her a message in the book.  I think it will be nice for her to look back on when she is older!

    Birthday Pictures and Month 12 Pictures!



    Question:  What proteins and carbs do/did you kids eat at one year old?