Intervals and Strength Workout

29 Jan

Good morning!  I just got home from the gym and had an amazing workout. Tuesday and Thursday’s I train clients for an hour in the gym, so I always leave early so I can fit in my own workout before I train them. 

I started my workout with treadmill intervals and they looked like this:

  • Minute 0-1,   Speed 4.0
  • Minute 1-2,    Speed 8.0
  • Minute 2-3,   Speed 4.0
  • Minute 3-4,   Speed 8.0 / 9.0  *30 second of each
  • Minute 4-5,   Speed 4.0
  • Minute 5-6,   Speed 7.0 & Incline 6
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Minute 19-20,   Speed 8.2
  • Minute 20-21,   Speed 4.0

After my intervals I did the following strength routine:

Circuit 1 x3

  • Chest press
  • Pec fly
  • Heavy Squats

Circuit 2  x3

  • Close grip triceps pull downs with a straight bar on the cables
  • Wide grip triceps pull downs with a rope attachment on the cables
  • Hanging ab raises
  • Deadlifts

I finished up my workout with 10 minutes on the stair climber and 10 minutes on the treadmill.

*One of my clients cancelled and I wasn’t sure if the other was going to come today or not so I just an extra 20 minutes of cardio while waiting.  Both didn’t show so I ended up heading home to relieve Keith of Daddy daycare duty!  Smile


On the agenda for today, not a whole lot.  It is going to be a quiet Tuesday around here.  I need to run to Lowes and buy on more drawer handle.  When we bought our house the kitchen cabinets didn’t have any hardware on them so we bought new hardware but ended up short one drawer handle.

Other than that I think I might start planning my February workouts, try and get in some yoga this afternoon if Cameryn is up for it, walk the dog if it warms up a bit and I want to start looking for healthy recipes for Super Bowl Sunday!  I’m a big Raven’s fan (my other favorite team outside of the Vikings and Packers) so I’m excited for the Super Bowl this year.  I’m also married to one of the biggest football fans ever so we normally go all out for big sporting events!  I want to keep our eats healthy but tasty too.  I’ve pinned some good looking recipes like buffalo cauliflower so I’m excited to see what I come up with!



Here are my eats so far today:

  • Preworkout: 1/3 banana berry smoothie
  • Post workout: 2/3 banana berry smoothie
  • AM Snack:  Clif Mojo bar, shared this with Cameryn
  • Lunch:  Sweet potato with peanut butter <—haven’t had this yet but it’s what I’m planning on! Smile


With that the baby is crying so I need to run!


Question:  What is your favorite strength exercise of the moment?



2 Responses to “Intervals and Strength Workout”

  1. HollieisFueledByLOLZ January 29, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

    I always love to see your updates. Hope you had an awesome Tuesday and got some February workouts planned! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth February 10, 2013 at 9:07 am #

    Do you eat your Greek yogurt with the mix ins included? I just heard not to eat that kind, I think because if the sugar …

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