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Night Weaning…Night One…Gordon Method

19 Mar

Well hello there.  It is currently 4:32pm in Arizona right now and I’m about ready to call it a day and go curl up in bed.  If only I could actually do that.  That would be nice.

Last night was night one of using Dr. Jay Gordon’s attachment parenting night weaning.  You can find a great article on his website here.  Before bed, I asked Keith if we were sure we wanted to start tonight as we have been pushing this off for weeks, but knowing that in one week Cameryn could be night weaned kept us focused.  I put Cameryn to bed around 8:00pm (and yes, she is still sleeping in our bed.  I can’t believe it either).  At around 11:30 she woke me up wanting to nurse.  I was just about to nurse her but realized she was leaking through her diaper.  No good.  Keith took C to her own room to get her changed while I put new sheets on the bed. 

Once we were all back in bed, I fed Cameryn until I noticed she was nursing for comfort and not for food.  I pulled her off and that is when the night got interesting.  Cameryn cried and screamed and wouldn’t stop.  A few times she cuddled into me and almost fell asleep, but each time she popped her head up and started crying. 

I finally had Keith go get her a frozen pacifier.  Cameryn has never been big on sucking pacifiers and only chews on them a bit.  Once she got the pacifier, she immediately started settling down.  Within about 5 minutes she was sleeping.  This is a sad fact, but it is the first time since bringing her home that I can remember that she fell asleep on her own while in bed.  She is a huge fan on nursing to sleep and that is how she always falls asleep unless she was in her swing or in the car.  So this was a major event in our house!  Smile

But it didn’t last long.  About 10 minutes later she was up again.  Great.  Since she had fallen asleep for a short amount of time I was able to nurse her again for just a minute as the plan lays out.  This actually worked out good because when I unlatched her she immediately went to sleep.

Once she fell asleep, it was right around 12:30am.  I of course couldn’t fall right back asleep as I felt a flood of emotions.  I felt awful that I just let my daughter cry for a straight 30 minutes and I was also questioning the method.  But I just remembered reading that in the morning she will act like nothing happened.  It was also helping me justify my decision by knowing that her crying was more of a whining cry and not a full all out cry the whole time.  I think she was just confused and angry more than anything.

Once we were all sleeping again, she woke up around 2:00am.  I fed her for just a minute then she rolled over and went to sleep.

Her third wake up was at 5:42am.  With the Gordon method you pick seven hours of what fits your family best of when to not nurse.  I decided to use form 11:00pm – 6:00am.  When I looked at the clock I tried to nurse her for just a minute and then have her fall asleep.  This worked, but ten minutes later she was crying again.  This time I decided that it was close enough to 6am so I was able to nurse her the way she likes and let her fall asleep while nursing. 

And that rounds up our first night using Dr. Jay Gordon’s night weaning plan.  I’m really looking forward to a week from now and I can’t wait for her to be able not to wake up so often in the night.  I think her crying really took a lot out of her because on night one she didn’t wake up nearly as often as she usually does.

We’re ready to take on night two and fingers crossed that maybe tonight she only puts up a fight for maybe 15 minutes before she decides to just sleep on her own!  Needless to say, I am very proud of my baby girl for doing so well this first night.



For today’s workout, I am actually surprised I worked out since I was exhausted when I woke up, I did 20 minutes on the stair climber and then did weights.  I did two circuits focusing on my triceps, pecs and legs.  I decided against intervals since my hip is still really hurting.  I made a massage appointment for Monday as they only had one available appointment for tomorrow that I couldn’t make.

I still haven’t done yoga and think I will just do it tomorrow.  I did however do about 30 minutes of foam rolling my IT bands, hips and glutes.  Wow.  I ‘m going to be sore tomorrow from it.  My IT bands are in awful shape, they are so stinking tight!


That’s it for me today!  Cameryn is standing at my legs crying for attention so I better wrap this up!  We ran errands all morning and I have one tired little girl on my hands who needs some snuggles.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a workout of the day, glutes, and also a night two recap!


  • Have you ever had to night wean a child?  Any tips?
  • What workouts are you looking forward to this week?