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Workout of the Week- Super Set Legs Workout

22 May

Hey guys!  Wow, where is this week going?  I used to think my days weren’t all that busy, but with the new online store taking off, I feel like every minute of my day is managed differently!  No more General Hospital marathons in bed while the baby naps!  Smile


Anyways, I wanted to post this yesterday, but you are getting it today instead!  It really is a  great workout that will burn loads of calories, make you sweat and tone up the booty and legs in no time!

*Remember to talk with your doctor before trying out a new workout and ask a trainer for help with any of the following exercises you have questions about!

Super Set Legs Workout


Superset Legs Workout

I had so much fun with this workout last week, that I plan on doing it again tomorrow!  I had not done just a leg day in ages so it felt good.  I used a kettle bell for superset 1 and 2 (I used a body bar for the walking lunges).  I did lighter weights with it as I’m still trying to recover from my hip/hamstring injury.  I was definitely sore the following day, that always feel so good, specially when the booty is sore!  Smile

I hope you are all committing to your fitness routines this week and I can’t wait to hear what you think about this workout!  Stick with your goals!


  • What did you do for a workout today?
  • Do you love/hate leg day?