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New Workout Routine and a Health Kick to start the week!

8 Jul


Hey guys!  How was your fourth? 

Ours was great and went by way to quickly.  On the 4th of July, we went to a friends house to BBQ and let the little kids play.  Cameryn had so much fun but at about 7pm, she had reached her limit so we headed home.  I think it took her five seconds to fall asleep on the ride home.  She was exhausted.

On Saturday we went to the Prescott Rodeo Parade and had a lot of fun.  Cameryn loved people watching, seeing all the horses and loves all the excitement of the parade.  I  thought the best part of the parade was the tribute to the 19 fire fighters who died fighting the Yarnell Hill fire.  They had a night banner followed by two fire trucks with our friend Dan the fire chief and also members of the 19 fallen men.  It was pretty emotional.  Then John McCain followed the fire trucks and was shaking hands and walking the parade.  Every time we have gone to the parade, John McCain has been there.  He loves Prescott!


Cameryn only lasted about 30 minutes then decided to take a snooze!



Speaking of the 19 fallen fire fighters I wanted to pay my respects on the blog.  Living in a small community we know a lot of fire fighters form our gyms.  Hearing the loss of 19 from Prescott really hit close to home.  Knowing there are small children and unborn kids who will never get the chance to see their dad’s again just breaks my heart.  We went to the make-shift memorial at the Hot Shots fire station on 4th of July morning and it was so sad.  We spent a good amount of time walking form one end to the other (it is huge).  Reading all the messages and seeing all the pictures brought tears to both Keith and I.  Luckily our community is a strong one and every where you go, people are collecting donations of money, food and other items for not only the fire fighters families, but also all the people who are displaced and lost their homes due to the fire.  I am proud to be apart of such a wonderful community who will do anything to help all these people.



On to other things now.  I’ve decided to change up my workout routine as I’ve felt in a bit of a rut lately.

So, here is my new workout routine:

  • Day 1:  Cardio + Core (45-60 minutes cardio + 10-15 minutes core work)
  • Day 2:  Intervals 20-30 minutes, Leg Day with Plyos
  • Day 3:  Cardio + Core (45-60 minutes cardio + 10-15 minutes core work)
  • Day 4:  Intervals 20-30 minutes, Arms Day
  • Day 5:  Intervals 20-30 minutes, Chest and Back Day
  • Day 6:  Sunday morning long run with the dog and family!  Smile


So, I’ve based this off six days of workouts but I will probably end up skipping one of the cardio days.  It has gotten so hard to workout at home with Cameryn.  She wont sit still and wont nap long enough for me to get one in.  I usually wait until Keith gets home form work to get it done.  But if I can get in six days a week, I’d be very happy.  I also want to get in three quick ten to 20 minute yoga routines.  Cameryn is obsessed with yoga and loves when we do it together in the afternoons! 

During the week as I do my workouts I will post exactly what I will be doing in each one.  I already have my workouts planned but want to make a few tweaks before posting them for you.  Also I don’t want to bore you with a super long post! Winking smile



Yesterday we started our morning with our long family run and we all felt great afterwards.  We decided to go to the pool for a few hours before monsoons started to settle in.  As I was putting on my bikini, I could tell I just felt all around puffy and didn’t feel good about the way I looked.  This past week I’ve eaten way more then I normally do and not all the healthiest foods.  Also for many months now, I’ve been having a glass or two of wine almost every night of the week! I know, I know! 

So, I have decided to take back my health and my body.  No more excuses, no more wine during the week and no more eating too much and eating junk.  I’ve also been getting back to drinking my warm lemon water upon waking and also drinking my chia seed and flax drink for either my mid morning snack or afternoon snack. 

Here is our meal plan for the week:


On the agenda for today, a trip to Target and Trader Joe’s followed by cleaning the house, getting laundry done and put away, working on my business Chic Pipsqueak uploading new products/filling orders and getting in a good sweaty workout!  Plus me and Cameryn I sure will do some type of fun activity!  I’ve been pinning up a storm lately on fun things to do with toddlers!  She really loves any type of arts and crafts!

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Before I go start my errands here are a few cute pictures of Cameryn from over the holiday weekend!  She is almost 1 1/2!  Can you believe it!

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  • How was your 4th of July weekend?
  • What healthy goals are you setting for yourself this week?