Cameryn Olivia: 20 Months!

20 Sep

Today Cameryn turned 20 months (well actually two days ago when I started this post she did)!  You know what I’m going to say next, “where does time go?”  I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that in four short months my little monkey will be 2 years old!  Say what?!?!  I feel like just yesterday I was just pregnant with her! 

I haven’t done a Cameryn monthly update in a while but here is a glimpse of what she is like at 20 months.

Lets first start with a typical day:

  • 5:30-6:10am Wake up time!
  • Cameryn snuggles up to me and lifts my eyelids open (yes we still co sleep, that is a problem we are working on).  Once I’m up and we’ve had a few snuggles, she calls for Daddy to join in.
  • 6:10am- Cameryn pats her tummy to indicate to us she is ready for her breakfast bar.  She then sits on the couch eating her bar, drinking water and playing on my ipad as I drink my hot lemon water and check in on emails and the weather.
  • 7:30- Breakfast- Cameryn usually likes having lots of fruit for breakfast.  A typical meal might be 1/2 a banana, blueberries, apple slices, a piece of Ezekiel bread toast with Earth Balance butter and a small portion of eggs.  I never know what she will actually eat so I just give her a plate and she picks what she wants and doesn’t want.
  • 8:00am- Nap time.  Since Cam doesn’t sleep great at night and only sleeps on average about 10 hours, she likes taking a little morning nap.  We usually read some books before she goes down or I let her watch cartoons before falling to sleep.
  • 9:30am- She is up and ready to play!  We usually play around the house for a bit, coloring, playing dolls, doing flashcards, reading books, playing with toys in her room or we go outside for a bit and play in the backyard if it isn’t too hot or if we aren’t having monsoons.
  • 11am- Snack time and errands!  Cameryn likes eating a carb snack like organic popcorn or pita chips right about now.  I always let her take a snack cup on the road and she always gets her snacks everywhere in the car.  Small price to pay to keep her happy!
  • 1pm – 2pm- Lunch time!  Lunch always varies, sometimes its avocado and yogurt, other times it is veggies and hummus with a piece of cheese.  She is also a huge fan of garlic and spinach quesadillas!  I need to plan better lunches for both C and I as they’ve gotten a but lackluster lately.  But the bottom line is she gets vegetables in and we end lunch when she is full!
  • 2pm- Nap time!  Cameryn takes a second nap for the day if she is tired or we just play until she needs a nap.  I usually bring her in bed with me and I watch General Hospital (I’m addicted!) and she nurses and then is asleep.  She usually sleeps about an hour and a half to two hours if I’m lucky.  The only problem is she needs me next to her in order to get in a good nap, otherwise she wakes up crying and I need to nurse her back to sleep.
  • 4pm- Clean up time!  Cam loves to follow me around the house as I clean and start getting things prepped for dinner if need be.  She likes using a rag and cleaning solution (she doesn’t spray it though) and she will clean the windows, the walls, furniture or her toys!  She might also eat a snack now too, usually a piece of fruit or some veggies.
  • 6:00pm- Dinner!  I rarely make Cameryn something other then what we are having.  If we are having something spicy I will give her some black beans to get in some protein with other sides.  She usually does a good job at tasting new foods and loves pasta, pesto pasta, more than anything! 
  • 7:00pm- Unwinding time- this usually involves bath time, reading books and snuggling.  Sometimes she will get hyper off her bath and play for 30 minutes before snuggling. 
  • 8:00pm- Bed time!  Cam and I go into our bedroom, brush her teeth and snuggle in for bed.  She is usually out by 8:30pm, although sometimes she gets excited to be snuggling Mom in bed and doesn’t fall asleep until 9:00om.  It really all depends on her naps during the day and what time she took them.

Our days vary, I also usually like to bring her to the park, the zoo, the toy store or we go swimming and that usually takes place right after her morning nap during our errands slot.  I like to get her out of the house to interact with others as much as possible.  She also loves taking walks after dinner.  She walks the whole loop by herself around our neighborhood and I think it helps burn off some energy before dinner!



Now, I’ve mentioned this on the blog a bunch of times before but Cameryn isn’t the best sleeper.  I know it is all my fault too.  I didn’t teach her how to sleep when she was a baby and also let her nurse to sleep.  Big mistake.

Cameryn can fall asleep without nursing in her stroller, in her car seat and even when it is just her and Daddy but when I’m around she cries until I let her nurse. 

When I first started breastfeeding I thought it would be a miracle if I lasted until she was one.  Now we are way beyond that and I honestly can say it is so hard to wean when they associate falling asleep with nursing.

To cut to the chase, I need to get her night weaned as soon as possible as I just don’t enjoy nursing her anymore.  Plus I’m looking forward to the day she doesn’t wake up 10 times a night!  I’m not joking on how many times she wakes up, it is awful and ridiculous.  We have tried numerous times before and even had Daddy try to get her to sleep in her own room with him for the night.  The kid is determined to get her way though.  Once we officially get her night weaned and in her bed I will write a post on how we did it.  I will state I’m not about letting her cry too much, as when we have done that in the past she cries so hard she makes herself throw up.

Only time will tell how this plays out, but I figure if this is our biggest problem with her then we are doing good!  Smile


Cameryn’s Favorites

  • Words:  Please, Mom, Dad, Baby.  She is saying new words daily and it is so much fun!  She was saying airplane and fire truck pretty well yesterday!
  • Foods:  Pesto pasta, blueberries, grapes, smoothies, hummus, spinach, broccoli, quesadillas
  • Toys:  iPad and her baby dolls.  She is obsessed with her babies and brings them everywhere.  When she doesn’t have one by her she fakes cries and then goes running to go comfort one.  It is really cute!
  • Loves: getting her toes and nails painted, being a mommy to her dolls, reading books, going down slides and swinging at the park, playing in the pool, playing outside, looking for frogs outside, doing yoga, stickers, lots and lots of stickers, getting tickled and of course she loves shopping with mama!  Smile


Pictures!  I’ve taken so many on my phone I didn’t realize I haven’t been taking many with the real camera!  I better break it out and capture more pictures before she gets even bigger!





4 Responses to “Cameryn Olivia: 20 Months!”

  1. HB September 22, 2013 at 12:08 pm #

    Hi! I stopped reading for a while because life got busy with Luke but I decided to check in and see how much C has grown….she is SO adorable. More like pretty now though since she is looking more like a kid than a baby!! You are so funny about co sleeping and nursing! I was the same way right up until two about wanting Luke to sleep in his own bed but once he stopped nursing at night, I got him to just nurse to sleep (such a bad habit I agree) and then would climb into my bed (he has a futon bed pushed about against our bed) and I sleep like a baby! He used to wake up a ton too but before he would go to bed I would tell him that we wouldn’t do “nummies” after he nursed to sleep, then he would wake up and want to nurse and I would quietly tell him we only do it at bedtime. He would cry for about five minutes but would eventually fall back to sleep. I kept doing this everytime he woke up. The cries got shorter and shorter until he just started sleeping all night. I’d say it took a week of short cries (with me rubbing his back) until he finally would sleep. I wasn’t into the cry it out method either but I figured a little crying with me right there was ok. It worked. I have more to write but this comment is long enough so I’ll stop. If u need anymore advice, email me! Ps-he will be three on Tuesday and that is his last day of nursing. He says he’s ok with it!

  2. LeeAnne September 23, 2013 at 8:28 am #

    Loved the update, can she be any cuter?! My daughter was sick the other week and I complained to my husband that my daughter wouldn’t sleep in the bed with us. Everyone always told us not to do it so I put her in the crib from week 8 on and she refuses to nap/sleep with us. Part of me wishes I co-slept because I would love to snuggle with her. She never sits still and the only time I get a little snuggle is when I rock her to sleep at night.
    One thing that worked for us was nursing or bottle to sleep but if she woke up before 5AM we would bounce her (hold her and bounce on an exercise ball) until she fell asleep and not feed her. After about a week we were able to cut out all feedings. We still feed her before bed though.

  3. Kathy October 1, 2013 at 7:45 am #

    When do you plan on having another? Or do you plan on having another? 😉

    • Trainer Kjirsten- Balanced Healthy Life October 1, 2013 at 8:01 am #

      Hi Kathy! Yes we plan n having more kids! I would love at least two more! :).

      I think once I have Cameryn weaned and sleeping in her own room we will be ready for number two! 🙂

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