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28 Oct

Good morning and happy Monday!  We’ve been sleep training Cameryn (more on that in another post) and last night she was thisclose to sleeping through the night.  I’m excited to write about what is finally working for us after almost two years with no sleep.

But first I have a big announcement to make…

Keith, Cameryn and I are excited to be welcoming Baby Conrad #2 arriving in April! 


IMG_9709 1IMG_9709IMG_9716 1

That’s right, Cameryn is going to be a big sister!  And a great one at that! 

I’ve been keeping a weekly journal so I’ll be posting three post with the new pregnancy updates.  I was debating if I should keep a journal this go around but decided too after rereading my past pregnancy journal all the time so far this pregnancy.  I’m excited to have everything recorded once again!

I also start to finally get back into blogging after life is starting to slow down once again after a busy summer and start to fall!  Smile


I hope you all had a great weekend and I’m excited to share this experience once again with you all!




Weekend Recap: Fun at the Freeman Farm Pumpkin Patch!

14 Oct

Hello and happy Monday morning to you!  Smile

I’m feeling rather chipper today as my Mom is flying to Arizona tomorrow for a week long visit!  I haven’t seen her since early May so it’s been a while!

Anyways this weekend we went to the Chino Valley Freeman Farm  Pumpkin Patch and had a great time!  We plan on going again next weekend with my mom (we all went together last October) and I can’t wait to pick out some big pumpkins to carve!  October is one of my favorite months (next to December) and I love doing as many fall activities as possible while the weather is great out!

Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch!  Cameryn rode a tractor train, saw a lot of different animals including pot bellied pigs, horses, mini horses, cows, donkeys, ducks and more!  She was scared of the cow as it came right up to her and started mooing at her!  SmileShe also picked out 4 small pumpkins to add to her growing collection on our counters.  She somehow manages to pick out a small pumpkin whenever we’re out on errands, she loves them!

Oh, also I took about 100 pictures of Cameryn smiling and posing when we got to the pumpkin patch and then realized I had left the camera card at home in my computer!  Luckily I had another one with but at that point Cameryn was over smiling for the camera!



Here is my workout schedule for the week. Just because company will be in town, I still need to stick with a workout plan!  Smile

  • Monday- 45 minutes cardio at home + yoga in the PM
  • Tuesday- Circuits in the gym
  • Wednesday- 45 minutes cardio at home + yoga in the PM
  • Thursday- Circuits in the gym
  • Friday- 45 minutes cardio at home or running outside with the dog
  • Saturday- make up day if I don’t make a workout + yoga
  • Sunday- Rest day!  Keith’s birthday!

I also plan on getting in a few dog walks too!  Quincy loves this time of year when it’s cooler out so we like to get him out as much as possible!


I’m not sure what our weekly menu will be this week with my Mom in town, but tonight I planned out a spinach salad to eat with pecans, blue cheese and cranberries.  Keith’s will probably include chicken as well.

That’s it for me today.  I’ve got a busy day planned on working on Chic Pipsqueak, getting the house in order for my Mom’s visit, entertaining a little toddler, working out and running a few errands!  I have a feeling I will sleep good tonight!  Smile


Question:  What is your favorite fall activity?