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Losing a Loved One

11 Nov

I debated writing this post, but ended up deciding to write it.  I want to share why I haven’t posted in two week since I posted about being pregnant again…

Two weeks ago, tomorrow, we got a phone call that has forever changed our lives.

I was at the gym working out when Keith called.  I immediately rushed home. 

My mother in law had unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 66.

To be honest that whole first day was a blur.  Getting clothes washed, getting the dog’s vaccination records from the vet for the kennel, buying a new suitcase, picking up airport snack for Cameryn, all while comforting my husband through many tears and emotional tragedy.  It felt so weird to be doing such trivial things, but they needed to get done in order for us to get out the door.

We left for Phoenix that night and stayed in a hotel to catch our flight to Montana very early the next morning.

I knew I had to be strong not only for my husband but I didn’t want Cameryn to be scared of how mommy and daddy were acting so I tried my best to keep her laughing and smiling all while my heart sat in a million pieces.

The next few days were incredibly hard.  Not only because my heart was in a million pieces as I mentioned above, but now I had to witness my husband, his brother and their dad grieve together as one.  Seeing the hurt and sadness in their hearts made my heart break into 3 million pieces.

But we got through the visitation, the memorial service and the initial shock and now we are left with just beautiful memories.

I’ll admit one of the hardest parts is knowing how much Ann loved Cameryn and her two grandkids who are on the way.  She was so excited to have three grandkids!  Keith’s brother and his wife are expecting in February.  It crushes my heart these kids wont get a chance to meet Grandma Ann but I will make sure they know how much she loved and still loves them up in Heaven.

To Grandma Ann up in Heaven, we know we have one more Angel looking out for us and we will always cherish your love.  We will hang on to the memories and know you will be at our side as we create new ones along the way.

We love you and it gives me piece that one day we will see you again.