Holiday Recap

6 Jan

Hey guys!  It really has been way too long since I’ve checked in!  I can’t believe my last pregnancy update was at 18 or 19 weeks and now I’m already in my 25th week!

Where does time go?  Oh yeah, it was the holidays and I have a toddler to chase around each day!

Speaking of toddlers, Cameryn turns two next week!  What?!?! 


It is kind of sad at how quickly time is going and also scary that in about 3 1/2 months the new little baby will be here.  I’m betting he will be here early in April.  Right now, I’m thinking he will be here the 4th or 6th!  I’m sure I’ll change my mind multiple times before his arrival though!  Smile

I’ll just get you all caught up on my life over the last six months in a short recap (I’ll post a pregnancy post tomorrow):

Christmas was spent in the bone chilling cold Minnesota.  Cameryn loved staying at my parents house but every time we tried going somewhere she hated and I mean hated having to go out in the cold.  She definitely likes the warm weather better.  A few days after we got back to Arizona, she told me she had fun at grandma’s and grandpa’s but didn’t want to go back because it was too cold.  I love this kid! 


Besides hanging out with family we were able to spend one evening with Keith’s college friends and we spent on morning become the Godparents to my friend Brooke’s adorable son Mason.  Other then a little shopping for the new baby (I’ll show off some of my purchases tomorrow) for mostly clothes and a few maternity things for me, we kept our visit very low key.

What wasn’t low key was coming back to Arizona and getting bad food poisoning.  Luckily Cameryn didn’t get it and only Keith and I suffered.  I was pretty worried about the baby but I called the doctor and she said as long as I’m keeping hydrated and drinking lots of fluids the baby will be perfectly fine.  Happy New Year to the Conrad’s!  To top it all off the day we started to feel a bit better from food poisoning we all came down with a nasty cold.  I haven’t slept since December, and I’m not even joking.  But the good news is I think we are overcoming the sickness finally and starting to recover.  I’m going to make a healthy mushroom soup today and I’ll share the recipe later this week on the blog.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been sick in the last 10 years and in the past two months I’ve had two bad colds and food poisoning.  I feel bad for the little guy I’m growing inside me.  Well things can only get better. 

Let me just tell you, I can’t remember the last time I worked out.  We decided to skip workouts in MN since it is to hard with Cameryn and when we got back we got hit with sickness.  My body is craving a workout but until this cold leaves my chest it looks like I will just be doing some prenatal yoga and the Tracy Anderson prenatal workouts.  I think in a couple days and maybe even tomorrow I’ll attempt some cardio. 

Well that about sums up our last few weeks!  I’m hoping you all had a great holiday season and your new year is off to a great start! 

One of my goals for this new year is to blog about three times a week, I feel like that is something I can do so here’s to a new year of blogging! 

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