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Second Trimester Pregnancy Update- Weeks 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26

17 Jan

Wow where has time gone?  In just a day I will be 27 weeks already!  I remember with my first pregnancy every week seemed to go so slow and I felt like each week I waited to write my favorite post, my new weekly pregnancy update.  It is a funny feeling that this pregnancy is going so fast that I can barely write a pregnancy post a month! 

I think we left off at my 19 week ultrasound where we learned that Baby Conrad #2 was a boy!  After that we got busy with the holidays and then getting hit with both food poisoning and then a cold.  Thankfully I’m feeling back to my old self again and am going to take each day I feel great and thank God!  This pregnancy has been a lot harder on me than the last.  Not only did my morning sickness last all day with the boy, but it also lasted 7 weeks longer too!  I believe I did have a random bout again in week 21 or 22 but nothing since (fingers crossed).

Weeks 19-26 haven’t been bad (despite being sick, but that doesn’t reflect on my pregnancy), so I’ve been pretty happy.  I finally have been getting back to working out as I took a break over the holidays and then again when I got hit with sickness.  This past week I’ve gotten in 5 workouts so far and 2 dog walks.  I haven’t been doing great with yoga but I’m going to really try to work in at least four short sessions a week.  It shouldn’t be hard as Cameryn is obsessed with yoga and asks to do it constantly.  I usually like working out in the mornings with dog walks and yoga in the afternoon.  I think it is a great way to start unwinding from my overly busy days.

I haven’t had any heart burn or heads or kicks to my ribs, and the baby is moving, but not as much as I expected him to be moving at this point.  I definitely feel him everyday but some days he is crazy hyper and others he seems to be more relaxed.  He loves to be his most active at night when I’m sleeping.  I love feeling his movements but if I wake up and he is active then it is really hard to fall back asleep.

Today at my prenatal doctor’s appointment (week 26), she pulled up the baby on her old school wheeled ultrasound so we could figure out where his legs and head were.  Baby Conrad has been laying horizontal or what the doctors call transverse for weeks now.  I’ve been suspecting this since about 20 weeks as my stomach is so so so wide and I never feel the baby up high or by my ribs.  My doctor told me I was right and the baby is laying horizontal with his head on my right and his feet on my left.  This was weird to know because I had guessed the opposite.  I thought I was feeling kicks on my left side, but I guess he is head butting me!  The doctor told me some babies just decide to lay transverse and that it isn’t a problem unless you are trying to deliver that way, which then you need a C-Section.  Luckily I have many weeks for him to get into the right position.

But speaking of c-sections, I am thinking I might want one if the baby keeps growing at the rate he is.  Right now I’ve had a weight gain of 13 pounds and am measuring two weeks ahead with my fundal height.  The baby was measuring around the 82% from my 19 week ultrasound so the doctor mentioned at my last appointment (22 weeks) that because he is a big boy, we might want to have another ultrasound to check for sizing again.  I know our due date is right as I know the date we conceived.  So in a week and a half we go in for another ultrasound to see how big he is.  If he is going to be a 10lb baby I might opt for an elective c section.  If you’ve followed my pregnancy with Cameryn you know this is pretty much against what I believe in, but I tore (TMI sorry) with Cameryn and she was only 6lbs and I had a hell of a time pushing her out, without pain meds, so if I need to push out a big baby around 9 or 10 pounds I just don’t think I want too.  I’m scared what it could do to my body!  But we will know more of the baby’s size in at our next ultrasound.  Trust me I don’t want  a c section so I hope he isn’t going to be breaking any records with his size!  Winking smile 

One last thing to note, I’ve been having really bad lower pressure.  It almost feels like the baby could just plop out (TIM sorry).  I talked with the doctor at my last appointment (22 weeks) and she told me to get a belly support band.  So that is what I did and it helps a bit.  I get it really tight and try to hoist my stomach and baby up higher so he isn’t sitting so low down there.  Some days it is not bad at all and other is is pretty awful.  In fact yesterday I couldn’t even finish up my treadmill workout because the pain was so bad.  I thought he might just fall right on out.  So for all the women going through this it is so not fun but totally worth it to have a precious little baby! 

That pretty much sums up weeks 19-26.  They have been pretty uneventful with nothing super significant happening.  It still blows my mind how quickly this pregnancy is going compared to the last.  I keep thinking that I only have about 3 months (maybe even less, like 2 months, if he is early like his sister was) of just our family of three.  I’ve been trying to soak up as much one on one time with Cameryn as possible before the baby comes.  I’m planning on having her be my little sidekick and helper with her new baby brother.  I really want her to feel included and to continue to get all the attention she needs and deserve once the new baby arrives.  I think she kind of gets what is going on but not totally.  She keeps telling me she is going to help feed the new baby, wont change his poopy diapers and kisses and tickles my stomach and says baby.  I also refer to the baby as Cameryn’s little brother so she feels more a part of the whole process.

Current Workout Plan

  • 45 Minutes Cardio
  • 20 Minutes Slow Intervals + Weights
  • 45 Minutes Cardio
  • 20 Minutes Slow Intervals + Weights
  • 45 Minutes Cardio
  • Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Workout

Plus four yoga sessions a week and 5 dog walks (at least 2 miles).

This is my goal workout plan for a week.  It might seem like a lot but my yoga is just stretching and nothing intense and walking the dog is always fun and not a high intensity workout or anything.  I’ve also be able to run around 6.0 – 6.6mph and it still feels good, so I’m going with it.  I run my intervals one minute on and one off and if I’m doing the treadmill for cardio I do a mix of incline walking, regular walking and running for a few minutes at a time.  I just do what feels the best and right to my body.  At this stage of pregnancy my workouts are to make me feel good, boost my energy a bit and keep body and back aches away. 

I don’t have many pics, but here are some pictures of my baby bump!  I know it might look small in some pics but I am measuring big, so who knows.

25 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump Pictures


You can really tell how low the baby is sitting in these pics.  He sits low and horizontal!  Even compared with the picture above you can see the difference!


Cameryn snuck in this pic with her ponytail hair that she had just pulled out!


You can see how wide my lower stomach is with this pregnancy!  In fact this morning I had a huge bulge jutting out of the lower left side of my stomach.  I think it was a foot or knee.  It was the strangest thing ever.  Next time I’ll snap a quick photo!


Pre- pregnancy #2, post pregnancy #1 to compare.1344007890459

That’s it for me!  It’s Cameryn’s 2nd birthday tomorrow!  I can’t believe it.  We aren’t having a party for her or anything but will be taking her to an animal safari sanctuary and then having a little family party at our house in the afternoon.  I’m going to hopefully keep up with weekly pregnancy updates here on out and take pictures each week.  I’ve been having so much fun reading Cameryn’s pregnancy updates and I love to compare the two pregnancies.  I’m hoping to have some real weekly updates with baby Conrad #2.  Oh and we are struggling with a name so any boy name suggestions are welcome!

What are you favorite boys names?  We need help!!!