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Happy 2nd Birthday Cameryn

18 Jan

I’m not sure how I got here.  I feel like I was just pregnant with Cameryn and day dreaming my days away about what she would look like, what her personality would be and what her little voice and cry would sound like.

Fast forward two years and I’m the Mommy to a very precocious little girl.  I would sum up Cameryn’s personality with these words:  goofy and funny as heck, stubborn and strong willed, determined, sassy and lastly incredibly sweet and caring.

I would describe my relationship with Cameryn as she is my little helper, imitator and best friend.  We literally spend all day everyday together.  That may not be healthy but we enjoy each other’s company!  Smile


At two years old, Cameryn is now talking up a storm.  A lot of the words only Keith and I can understand and she is giving up new words every day.  It is amazing to watch a child develop verbally.  I think it is such a fun time.  Cameryn does get frustrated when she doesn’t know how to communicate with words but we try and coach her and help her figure out what words to use.  She will repeat all the words we say so mommy and daddy have had to really watch what comes out of our mouth.  At this point Cameryn understands everything we talk about, even if we think she doesn’t, she really does.  She is very aware and strings multiple words together at this point.  I think over the next few months she will be fully talking in sentences.  Which is quite scary because she isn’t my little baby girl anymore. 

Cameryn is a big fan of her baby dolls and playing pretend kitchen.  Those are her two go to activities to do in our house.  She is just now starting to build up her doll accessory collection and I have a feeling we are only in the beginning.  She loves to dress her babies, change their diapers, bring them on walks in their stroller, cook them meals and feed them and just play with them.  It is so fun and cute to watch and brings me back to when I was a little girl.  Keith is going crazy with all the dolls, but I don’t think he knows what he is in for.  Cameryn usually needs to bring a doll with her everywhere, especially anytime we go anywhere in the car. 

Her other fun activity she loves to play is kitchen.  She got hooked up for Christmas with a kitchen set and a bunch of accessories and she can play with it for hours.  She loves making Keith and I smoothies and also loves getting us ice and water from the fridge.  It is so cute to watch her pretend drink and eat the food she prep.  Her little noises are the best!  She also is pretty good with naming all her fruits and vegetables at this point, make that all foods in general.


She is currently working on mastering all her colors.  She is pretty good at them thanks to the ipad and her favorite colors and pink and purple.  She can usually get orange, yellow, blue, green and red (along with her favorites of pink and purple) and can will even tell you what color something is if you ask her.  Occasionally she gets stumped and tells you the wrong color but we correct her and then she gets it right.

I think next up for her is working on the ABC’s.  She loves singing the ABC’s and will tell Keith and I to stop singing so she can be the only one singing.  She gets the general tune down but knowing all the letters she just isn’t there yet.  I’m thinking we’ll take the ABC’s slow and do one letter a week both lowercase and uppercase.  That way it will really be engrained in her head.IMG_9957IMG_9963IMG_9967IMG_9971IMG_9980

Her favorite book right now is probably Tickle Monster, all the Olivia books and she is getting into Llama Llama books.  Her favorite movies are Sound of Music, the two Eloise movies and Tangled.  But Sound of Music is definitely number one.  She LOVES Julie Andrews so I just got her Mary Poppins to watch and I’m sure that will be one of her favorites too!  She is also loving Minnie Mouse right now.  She asked for a Minnie Mouse birthday cake but had to settle for Rapunzel from Tanged instead as the store didn’t have Minnie Mouse (she didn’t want Mickey Mouse as they had him).  Her favorite foods are smoothies, chocolate, dried mangoes, chips/pirates booty, broccoli, sautéed spinach, homemade popsicles and popcorn.  She also loves her water.  She drinks a lot of water.  She occasionally get a few sips of my Zevia and she will also drink coconut water juice boxes.  She would love to eat junk foods all the time especially sweets if we let her, but we don’t so she gets stuck eating as balanced of meals as I can get her to eat.


Dislikes at the moment, getting dressed and getting her diaper changed.  I can’t wait to get her potty trained (in about a month) so the battles to change her diaper will be gone.  If I can distract her I can usually get her diaper changed without a fuss but if I ask her then that is where the drama comes from.  I usually have to bribe her with a chocolate chip to get the job done.



Cameryn is a very active little girl who keeps us busy all day.  She isn’t the best at taking a nap, but I would change anything about her.  She loves to run and play outside, go for walks, play on the ipad and bug Quincy!  Smile


I never imagined how much my heart would grow or how much becoming a mom would change me.  Although we have out rough days the good ones far out number the bad ones.  For a while around 18 months she was just a little stinker but she has I’m hoping grown out of the pre terrible twos and I pray it is just smooth sailing from here.  She is very excited to be a big sister and help out her mommy and daddy with the new baby.  I can’t wait to see how she grows from becoming a big sister.  I think she’ll take on her new roll effortlessly and do a great job. 

Happy birthday my little princess.  Mommy couldn’t love you even on ounce more and I’m so proud of the little lady you’ve become.  You are so sweet and caring yet so crazy and goofy at the same time.  Everyday is an adventure with you and you keep my on my toes laughing all day long!  I can’t wait to watch you grow even more this upcoming year and I just want you to know how proud of you I am.  I love you so much!IMG_9714IMG_9720