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Weekend Recap- Cameryn’s 2nd Birthday and Out of Africa Park

20 Jan

This weekend was really fun. 

We started off Friday afternoon on a great note.  I had a prenatal appointment and the doctor was able to confirm that the baby’s is in a horizontal position with his head on the right and legs on the left (I thought the opposite).  She also told me that I was measuring about 2cm or 2 weeks ahead so I got booked into an ultrasound appointment to get his measurements and new dates if need be.  We also heard a strong healthy heartbeat!  Smile

Afterwards we went out to lunch at one of my favorite sandwich spots in Prescott called The Raven.  After a few errands we were home with a sleeping kid so we got Cameryn to bed early and were able to actually watch an episode of Shark Tank before crashing ourselves.

Saturday was Cameryn’s birthday and it was a busy day.  We picked up balloons and her cake very first thing and then after dropping everything off at home, we went to Out of Africa Park in Camp Verde.  It was a beautiful 70 degrees and I had so much fun watching Cameryn look at all the animals.  She wasn’t afraid of the lions or tigers, but she did shed a few cute tears when she saw the deer.  We watched a show called Tiger Splash, where they had a white bangle tiger doing jumps into a pool of water.  We also went on a safari tour and Cameryn and Keith fed a giraffe.  We also saw loads of other fun animals including a two day old zebra and 5 month old tiger cubs.

After we drove back to Prescott we went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants called Aztec Grill and all three of us had grilled shrimp tacos, the best ever.  We finished up the evening at home where Cameryn finally got to open up her baby doll and other presents and also eat her cake.

Saturday was a really fun family day and I had so much fun watching Cameryn get so excited over and over all day long.  A happy two year old equals a happy mama.


Sunday was a race to make it to 8am church as Cameryn and I slept in until just after 7am.  After a quick shower and getting Cameryn ready we were on the road.  After church was filled with a few errands.  Once home I started cleaning out our office/guest room because it will be Baby Conrad’s nursery.

The rest of the day was spent figuring out what baby items we will need to purchase for the new baby and also trying to figure out what we need to get for Cameryn’s soon to be big girl room.

Cameryn and I finished up our weekend with some mommy and me yoga.  I decided to start trying to get Cameryn back sleeping in her toddler bed in her room after we had a major set back while we were in Minnesota.  Cameryn slept with us and it totally ruined all the hard work for the third time I had put into getting her to sleep in her own room.  So last night was night number one as I attempt my final and fourth time.  She slept for a few hours in her room before waking up and crying.  I was half asleep and ended up just bringing her into our room where she slept until 6am.  Tonight I’ll be a bit more firm and not bring her into our room.  We don’t have any trips of any visitors coming soon so I expect in one week for her to be doing awesome with sleeping on her own.  Mama needs a little sleep alone before the baby comes!  Winking smile

All in all it was a good weekend.  We are going to try and make our own wine  and plan to get the process started tonight.  On the agenda for today is working out, cleaning up the house a bit, doing a little food prep, and clearing out Baby Conrad’s room a bit more.  I would love to get his room painted this upcoming weekend since there is no football on Keith will have extra time on his hands! 

How was your weekend?  What was your favorite part?  What clean meals do you have planned for this week?