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My Current Pregnancy Workout Routine- Third Trimester

23 Jan

Hey guys!  How about a little fitness talk on the blog today?  Working out is a HUGE part of my life.  When I workout I feel good and when I don’t I just don’t feel like myself.  I feel like my whole body is sluggish.  That very reason is why I’ve been working out consistently for 14 years.

27 Weeks Pregnant Working Out in the Gym!



Working out during pregnancy keeps my energy levels high, keeps back pain away and not to mention all around body discomfort.  It is also really beneficial for both mama and baby.  If those aren’t enough reasons to workout when you’re pregnant, I don’t know what is.

21 Weeks Pregnant at the Gym Working Out (middle pic is a pic from when I found out I was expecting #2)!


Right now as I enter into my third and final (yay!) trimester this is what I’ve recently modified my routine to:

  • Day 1- cardio + planks
  • Day 2- 20 minutes cardio (hopefully very slow intervals) + weights
  • Day 3- cardio + planks
  • Day 4- 20 minutes cardio (again slow intervals) + weights
  • Day 5- cardio + planks
  • Day 6- Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy DVD (doing my current month)

In addition I’m trying to get in 3-5 yoga workouts a week (typically 20-35 minutes in the afternoon) and 4-5 dog walks (usually 2 miles).  

I will tell you the other day I took Quincy on a 3 mile super hilly (I mean there is a mega hill that kicks my ass when I’m not pregnant) after my gym workout was mostly spent talking with people.  I felt guilty I didn’t get a workout in so I figured I would brave the hills and not only get in a workout but also get Quincy in some miles all while entertaining Cameryn by pushing her in the stroller (she is obsessed with going for walks, she LOVES them!).  While on the walk not only did I get my first Braxton hicks contractions while tackling the mega hill but I also got super intense round ligament pain on both sides!  I took it very slow and had my cell phone with incase I had to call Keith to pick us all up!  Luckily about 1/2 mile away from home I was feel good and even was able to slowly jog a bit.  But that just goes to show I’m totally listening to my body and only doing what I feel is safe and appropriate at my fitness level and at my current stage of pregnancy.

My walking buddies before we tackled the GIANT MEGA hill!


So, here are the details on my strength days in the gym.  I always try and do cardio first and if I’m feeling particularly sluggish, I’ll split up the 20 minutes and do 10 minutes when I first get to the gym and then another 10 minutes after I finish up my weights. 

Oh and I will mention I can’t really eat before I workout, maybe just a light snack or a small glass of smoothie.  When I chatted in the gym instead of working out the other day I had ate an egg breakfast sandwich about an hour before hand and that was a major mistake.  My stomach was so full that I could hardly move my body!  Let alone trying to do pull downs for my triceps on the cables it was so uncomfortable.  I realized I’m at that stage in pregnancy where I can’t really eat a meal, I just need to nibble throughout the day.


But back to my weight days:

Weight Day 1

20 minutes slow intervals (I do these on the treadmill)

Circuit #1

  • Squats x3

Circuit #2- x3

  • Triceps Pull Down
  • Triceps Overhead Pull
  • Double Handed Kickbacks
  • Leg Extension

Circuit #3- x3

  • Incline Chest Press
  • Incline Pec Fly
  • Stationary Lunges
  • Plié Squats

Circuit #4

  • Assisted Dips x3 to fatigue


Weight Day #2

20 minutes slow intervals (treadmill)

Circuit #1

Walking Lunges x3

Circuit #2- x3

  • Biceps Curls
  • Hammer Curls
  • Deadlifts
  • Cable Leg Kickbacks and Side Hip Kicks

Circuit #3- x3

  • Straight Bar Pull
  • Cable Row
  • Back Extension
  • Sumo Squat x 25

Circuit #4

  • Assisted Pull Ups x3 to fatigue


The weight workouts take about an hour if I’m not slacking off.  If I’m feeling really tired I will just cut each circuit 2 & 3 back to twice instead of three times.


So that’s what I’ve been up to in the gym lately!  I just trying to go with the flow of pregnancy and take advantage I’m feeling pretty good right now and trying to get in as many workouts as I can before baby boy is here!

Questions:  Do you try and stay active while pregnant?  What are your favorite workouts while pregnant?