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28 Week Sizing Ultrasound + Daily Recap

29 Jan

Hey guys!

What a day today has been.  It has been one of those days that has seemed both long and short.  Do you ever have those days?

We started our day off bright and early when Cameryn got me up at 5:30am telling my she was hungry and needed to eat. 

Our next stop was Baby Boy Conrad’s ultrasound at 8:30am!  We had the first appointment of the day and Keith and I were both so excited.  Since both the baby and I were measuring big the doctor wanted to get new sizing measurements to see if he was still measuring big.

The ultrasound tech said he is around the 61st percentile now while before he was in the 82 percentile.  That is okay with me since I was getting worried we were going to have a HUGE baby boy!  I didn’t want to push out a ten pounder!  She said he was right under 3lbs right now (2lbs 14 ounces) so if he continues to grow according to standard estimates he could be around 8 1/2 pounds if he makes it to 40 weeks in there.  I’m hoping he comes around week 38.  The baby was also scrunched up into a crammed ball with his head right up on my left side by my ribs.  I totally thought he was head down as I felt hiccups really really low last night while I was falling asleep.

I’m not sure what day my doctor delivers babies on (the doctors each cover a day and you just end up with whatever doctor is on duty the day you give birth).  I was lucky last time and had my own doctor so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this go around too.  I don’t think I’d be super comfortable delivering a baby in front of a man doctor I’ve never met before.  Anyways, if Baby Boy Conrad would come a few weeks early I’d be very happy!  Smile 

The rest of the day was spent getting odds and ends in order around the house and making phone calls.  Keith got home pretty early so we took the kids for a walk  Quincy wasn’t happy that Cameryn wanted to walk on her own and not be pushed in the stroller as our walk was a little shorter then he would like and way too slow.  But that’s okay since it will help wear Cam out a bit. 



Workouts this week have been good.  Here is where I stand:

  • Monday- 45 minutes cardio + planks
  • Tuesday- 20 minutes intervals + weights, dog walk
  • Wednesday- 45 minutes cardio + squats, dog walk

I haven’t done any yoga yet this week so I better get my booty on the mat soon.  My back has actually started hurting since the baby turned from being sideways so I really need to get my yoga on. 

This week I’d still like to get in 3 more workouts, 3 more dog walks and 4 yoga sessions.  I can do it!  Smile



I started journaling my eats again today as I’ve been snacking a bit too much lately.  I need to check myself and start reaching for water instead of snacking whenever Cameryn snacks.

So here are my eats from today, I’m still cleaning them up so they aren’t the best ever today:

  • Breakfast:  1 small scoop peanut butter, decaf coffee and a pineapple, mango and orange smoothie made with unsweetened plain almond milk and sun warrior vanilla protein powder
  • AM Snack (post workout)- small apple, a handful of tortilla chips and a small bar
  • Lunch- vanilla Greek yogurt with 1 scoop of almond butter and chia seeds
  • PM Snack- More tortilla chips <—the salt was tasting so good!  1/2 hot chocolate (made at home)
  • Dinner- Brown rice with a little soy sauce, salmon and sautéed spinach in minced garlic

So there they are.  Not the best ever, but I’m working on getting rid of the garbage.  The whole day I’ve been craving sweets like no other but the hot chocolate did the trick for not so many calories and grams of sugar.

I’m hoping tomorrow looks even better than today.  I started meal planning for next week and am trying to find some new snacks that are easy to grab or make yet still taste great.  I’m totally in the snacking throughout the day vibe right now so anything snack like I’m hungry for.

*I would really like to cut out dairy or cut back on it big time.  I was starting to before I got pregnant but yogurt is tasting so good right now that I decided to just go with it while pregnant and then once I have the baby start cutting back on it again.  It is just too easy of a snack and source of protein right now when most meats and proteins don’t sound appetizing.


Before I leave you guys here are some cute 3D and 4D pictures of the baby at 28 weeks!  I am already so in love! 


Here is one picture of Cameryn at 31 weeks.  Do you think they look alike?  I think their noses look similar and I think he has Keith’s mouth.