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Weekly Meal &Workout Plan

5 Feb

Hey guys!  How is your week going?  I’m so happy it’s already Wednesday!  Only a few days left until the weekend!  Yay!

So at the beginning of February Keith and I started a new budget we had created to maximize savings and also add in some spending money for the new little man who will be joining us soon.  With that I decided I wanted to do a better job spending on groceries.  For as long as I can remember my family has spent an insane amount each month on just food.  We are lovers of food and all three of us (Cameryn included) are big eaters, not to mention I love trying out new and fun recipes that often require a lot of ingredients.  Lately though, our food spending has been out of control and that is something I want to change.  I buy everything I can organic and non GMO and that is something I wont change to decrease our budget.  Keith is also a meat lover and needs to have it every night at dinner so that wont change for him (although I often don’t eat it)

So this month, I’m back to meal planning for the week (I used to do this for years and loved it) to try and cut back a bit on our grocery bill.  This is the first month and I’m sure I’m a bit rusty, but as the months go on I hope to get better and better at it.  So any new recipes please send my way because at this point in pregnancy I feel like I am stuck in a recipe rut.  Oh and Keith is a fan of having meat at dinner every night, where I don’t need it and often skip it. 

So with that being said, here is our Weekly Meal Plan for 2/3-2/9 (Please keep in mind it’s subject to change)

I also added in breakfast ideas for the family along with lunch, snack and ideas for Cameryn.

February 3

*Note, since Cameryn started eating solids we’ve never went out of our way to make her her own meals each day.  I might make her a vegetable pesto pasta here and there to help make feeding her lunch easy for the week but otherwise she eats what we eat.  She does get some special kid snacks like her popcorn, pirates booty and Kids Clif Bars but that is really it.  I think this is the reason she eats so healthy and eats lots of vegetables and LOVES smoothies!  Smile

So there it is.  At this point it isn’t set in stone and we often go out to eat more than once a week but hey, it’s a start.  Plus my husband will love the fact I’m trying to cut back on the grocery spending.  Winking smile




So here is my projected weekly workout plan.  It is subject to change but I’m hoping to stick with this!  I’m also hoping that I’ll stick with the yoga if I post it ahead of time on the blog.  I think posting things on the blog helps hold me accountable.  I’ve been rocking the workouts but just slacking on the yoga and dog walks!

  • Monday:  45 minutes cardio plus planks, YOGA
  • Tuesday:  20 minutes intervals/cardio + weights
  • Wednesday:  45 minutes cardio plus planks & body weight squats (3 sets of 25), YOGA,
  • Thursday:  20 minutes intervals/cardio + weights, YOGA
  • Friday:  45 minutes of cardio + planks and body weight squats, YOGA
  • Saturday:  Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy DVD Month 7
  • Sunday:  Rest & Church Day! 

I’m not sure about the dog walks yet.  I like getting in at least five with Quincy every week, but it is so cold in Arizona right now.  I’m talking about 45 degrees and cloudy!  That is freezing for us.  I’m no longer a warm blooded Minnesotan that is for sure!  In all honestly the temp isn’t that bad to walk in, but it is the whipping wind that makes it hard to walk in.  Luckily Quincy loves running around the backyard playing ball so he gets in lots of exercise daily.


That’s it for me today!


  • Do you spend a lot of groceries each month?
  • Do you work off a budget each month?
  • Do you ever meal plan for the week?  If so what does your menu look like for the week?