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The Return of Morning Sickness and other New Pregnancy Symptoms- Third Trimester

7 Feb

How can this be happening?  I thought morning sickness usually only lasted during the first trimester with the few unlucky people experiencing it for a few more weeks.

This past week I have been hit twice with morning sickness.  I looked it up online and apparently around week 27 your hormones start to surge again and with your stomach pushed up so high and the baby’s position, it can cause a return of my least favorite pregnancy symptom. 

For a while now, I’ve had to eat small meals frequently and lots of smoothies because eating more than that is very uncomfortable and I always regret it.  But now with the return of morning sickness I really need to eat smaller portions and honestly  I could do a smoothie twice a day.  Thankfully they are tasting amazing to me right now.

My first episode of morning sickness happened on Sunday morning.  Out of the blue when Keith was making himself breakfast I started not feeling so well.  That’s all I’ll say as we all know what happens with morning sickness.  Afterwards I felt really weak and actually had to lay down for an hour.

My second episode happened yesterday.  I had just woken up and had a quick swig of water and the next thing I new I was running for the toilet.  I was going to head into the gym and do intervals/cardio for 20 and then weights but I found once again I needed to rest a bit so I had to head into my workout a little late. 

I hoping these two random bouts of morning sickness are just isolated cases and I pray I don’t start getting it routinely again.  This pregnancy I was hit much harder with it then with Cameryn.  I had it from about week 6 through week 16 and then a few random bouts including in Minnesota over Christmas I was hit with it randomly once. 

I keeping my fingers crossed it is over with, but I wont be holding my breath.  Who knew morning sickness could return your third trimester after being in the clear for so long.

Onto other not so fun pregnancy symptoms:

Back Pain- OMGosh you guys, it is so bad.  I’m not sure if it is pregnancy related or I just slept wrong but all day yesterday it felt like it was going to give out.  I haven’t had much back pain with this pregnancy, nothing like I did with the last but over the past week it is getting worse by the day.  I was nervous to pick up Cameryn yesterday as I didn’t want it to give out.  This morning I was hoping it would be better but it isn’t.  So I think I’m going to spend some time really trying to stretch it out today.  I’m not sure what the cause is but maybe baby finally went head down (I highly doubt it though).

Cramps and Braxton Hicks-  These are so not fun.  I’ve been getting waves of cramping on and off that don’t last long but usually get them a few times a day.  Braxton hicks come and go and I’ve decided the more hydrated I am the less I get them.

Pregnancy Insomnia-  Yep.  I have it.  If I wake up during the night to use the loo, there is pretty big chance once I lay down again I wont be able to fall back asleep for a while.  My mind starts racing with all my checklists to get done before baby gets here along with feeling his movements makes it so hard to fall back asleep.

So there you have it, my newest and latest pregnancy symptoms.  Totally not fun, but totally worth it!  I can’t wait to have my baby boy snug in my arms and I can’t help but think he could be here in as little as 7 more weeks (when Cameryn was born)!  I am getting beyond excited and the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms are starting to kick in.  I have a prenatal appointment next Thursday and I can’t wait to ask her what position the baby is in.  I read 80% of babies will be head down by week 30.  Well, I turn 30 weeks on Monday and so far this little bubba isn’t head down.  I’m glad he still has plenty of time to get head down so I wont start worrying for another couple week!  Smile


Question:  Did anyone notice any new pregnancy symptoms in the third trimester?