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Week 36 Doctors Appointment Update

25 Mar

Hey guys!

I’m *trying* to post about his pregnancy as a way to look back on it once the little guy is in my arms.  I love rereading all of Cameryn’s pregnancy blogs and hope I will enjoy reading the few I did with baby boy.

Yesterday I turned 36 weeks and had my first exam at the doctor’s office to see if I was making any progress at all towards having this little baby.

Well, it looks like history might be repeating itself as at exactly 36 weeks I am already 2-3 cm dilated.  This time the doctor didn’t put me on bed rest but did tell me to take it really easy as she wants this boy to stay put for as long as possible.  She said it is more important for boys to stay put for as long as possible. 

I have decided to not workout this week as I don’t want little boy to come until at least next week.  I talked with my mom who lives in Minnesota and she booked a flight out here for Saturday.  So I would love to not deliver this little man until she arrives.  We need her here so she can watch Cameryn and Quincy. 

I reread through Cameryn’s updates and from when I was 3cm dilated I had her five days later.  That would put me at having him very soon.  The doctor said she would be surprised if I was pregnant for another week and a half to two weeks. 

I honestly can’t believe it is almost go time!  I feel like I was just wanted to have a second baby and now he is almost here!

Well that’s it for me today!  I have two clients to train today and think today will be the last day as I want to make sure to rest and keep off my feet as much as possible.

I’ll keep you all updated on any progress and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed little boy stays put for at least one more week!


Pregnancy Update Third Trimester: Weeks 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 & 35

22 Mar

What the heck?  Where did all this time go?  Last thing I knew I was keeping up the pregnancy updates nicely and then I just realized I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant and haven’t done a preggo update in so long!

Well, I’m still pregnant and not on bed rest at this point in pregnancy as I was last go around.

I’m not going to recap each of the last week since I really can’t remember what happened in each week at this point, but I will update you on what I can remember.


Third Trimester Update

The third trimester started off with our growth scan to see if baby was still measuring large.  I have been measuring about 2-2.5 weeks ahead this entire pregnancy, but at our growth scan it seemed baby wasn’t growing as fast any more.  He went from being in the 80% to the 60%, which is fine by me since I don’t want to push out any 10lb babies anytime soon!

During my appointments I still measured early but my last two I was only measuring one week early or 1cm and then at my last appointment I was measuring small by 1 cm.  After re measuring me a few times she said I was actually right on track.  It was a different doctor then my normal one since my doc was on vacation so on Monday I’ll go back in for my 36 week appointment and I’m anxious to see how I’m measuring.

WEIGHT GAIN has been out of control.  Well I should rephrase that out of my control.  I workout and eat healthy and the next day the scale will be up a pound.  Sad smile  I can tell this boy is already a lot bigger than Cameryn and so far I’m up about 24lbs.  I’m hoping not to gain anymore weight and am really going to concentrate on my water intake and eating super healthy.  I’m not upset with the weight gain or anything but at this point I just don’t want to gain more (or much more if any).

EATING has been mostly healthy.  I wont lie and tell you I haven’t indulged at all.  I’ve been craving Mexican shrimp tacos like no other.  But my go to foods are still smoothies (ginger, orange, mango and strawberry is my favorite at the moment) and also dried mango.  I still can’t get enough.  I’ve also started snacking a lot which I know needs to stop since I snack on random things like spoonful’s of peanut butter or bowls of Pirates Booty.  I have also been eating a of “ice cream” in the food processor.  Mostly it looks like the following- Greek yogurt, honey, a few drops of liquid stevia and either frozen mango, pineapple or strawberries (or a combo of those).  It is so good.  Cameryn asks for it daily and we usually have it for lunch after eggs or a smoothie for breakfast.  Dinner has been pretty random and I need to get back to eating mostly salads.  We have been doing a lot of quinoa or brown rice with sautéed spinach and salmon, grilled chicken tacos or Mexican bowls and lots of chicken lettuce wraps (yum!). 

WORKOUTs have been good.  Except I have been slacking a bit on the yoga and dog walks.  Spring time is here in Arizona and my allergies are awful as are Cameryn’s.  So that is why we haven’t been taking the dog for many walks (he gets plenty of play in the backyard though).  Also I’ve only been doing yoga maybe once a week, I wont lie.  I need to up it though to help relieve some pains I’ve been having.  I have mostly been doing cardio and stretching for my workouts at the gym and maybe doing some light weights.  I have also been doing just body weight squats after I finish up cardio at home.

BACK PAIN has taken over my life.  I have it all day everyday and let me tell you it sucks.  Hence the reason for doing cardio to get the blood flowing and staying away from heavy weights keeps the pressure off my spine.  I have had back pain on and off this pregnancy but nothing like this.  I think the baby is dropping and that is why I’m having such an extreme case of it now. 

BABY FINALLY FLIPPED, yay!  I have been stressing over the baby being breech and transverse but at my week 34 appointment he had finally flipped head down!  I will have them double check on Monday, but I’m so happy I can stop thinking about a c section!  I would be open to one but the thought of being awake while someone is cutting into me just freaks me out like no other!

SLEEP has been nonexistent.  I am so tired.  I joked with my husband this morning while I am in labor they will tell me its time to push and I wont have any energy.  Between the back pain, toddler sleep training and two year molars, all combined with pregnancy insomnia I haven’t been sleeping more then maybe four hours a night and it is starting to really get to me.  I am so tired I can’t wrap my head around having a baby here in just a few weeks who will keep me up even more.  I really need to focus on sleeping or napping before he decides to make his appearance.

Speaking of him making his grand appearance, if little boy came when his big sister did, next Friday at this time I should be holding my new little bundle of joy.  That is so crazy to think as I haven’t even been preparing myself mentally for the new addition!  I’m beyond excited and can’t wait for him to get here.  I predict he will be here sometime in week 37 and that is will be a very short delivery.  My prediction if April 4th.  We shall wait and see!

I also think this is what he will look like:  daddy’s lips and eye shape, my darker skin and hair (I’m not a blonde by nature) and my nose.  It will be so fun seeing what this little boy looks like and to hear what his cry sounds like!  I also can’t wait for that new baby smell! 

Well, that’s about it for me!  I think I have covered everything!


  • Days Until Due Date:  30
  • Days Until I am 36+4 (the day I had Cameryn):  5
  • My Due Date Guess:  April 4th
  • Dilated or Effaced:  Not sure yet but I think the baby is slowly getting down lower as I’ve been having bad bouts of lightning crotch.  Yes I didn’t just make that term up.  Goggle it if you need too.
  • Looking Forward to Most:  Week 36 prenatal appointment.  I think I will get check to see if I’m making any progress yet.
  • Cravings:  Mexican food, Dried Mango, Smoothies and candy like Tootsie Rolls, Swedish Fish, Dots and Hot Tamales (I wont give in to the candy craving).
  • Hospital Bags- Almost completely packed.  I just need to throw some bathroom stuff (its all in a bin right now waiting) and then my electronics and chargers.




Here are a few pictures from the past six weeks and I can’t promise but I’m going to try and do regular updates to look back on the rest of my pregnancy!

*Note to see more pics of the past weeks, you can check out my Instagram account!  I try to post weekly bump pictures!

I think end of week 31 and I’m still waiting to get that pregnancy glow people talk about…it skipped me with Cameryn and I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to appear this pregnancy either!


End of week 35!  I honestly can’t imagine it getting any BIGGER!  I feel HUGE and am actually having a hard time bending over and getting up with this boy.  I didn’t have that with Cameryn!


She loves her little brother and is SO EXCITED to meet him.  Cameryn loves talking to him and giving him hugs and kisses.  She also talks about him all the time!  It melts my heart.  I think I will cry when she first meets him.  I am so excited for that moment!  Smile


We also had maternity pics done I think at 33 weeks.  I think the photographer did an amazing job, but I hate almost every picture of myself (from my hair to my make up to my outfits to my paleness-I really need a tan).  The day we did it ended up being pretty windy and cold (Cameryn was freezing the whole time) and my hair was everywhere.  I’m a fan of a lot of the pictures but I really wish it wasn’t so windy because a lot of the pictures my hair is out of control and not looking good.  Also we made the mistake of bringing Cameryn along without someone to watch her so it was really difficult to get any pics of Keith and I without Cameryn screaming her head off.  It was more of a family session which is fine as we hadn’t had any family pictures done professionally yet since Cameryn was born. 

Here are a photos that I like.  Oh, and I also suggest not wearing black on both top and bottom to a maternity photo shoot.  Wish I would have known better, my bump gets lost a lot and I just look like I have a really awkward shaped body since the shots are more angled at my bump and not straight on.

(Photos were taken by Brooke Photography located in Prescott, AZ- I highly recommend her.  Not only is Brooke an outstanding photographer she was so nice and didn’t make us feel bad about our two year old having basically a tantrum during the whole session.  Also love how comfortable she made us feel and how laid back she was).





Although I don’t mind gaining pregnancy weight, I am really excited to get my pre pregnancy body back!  I seriously can’t wait!  The little boy will be here before we know and I know my body will bounce back with hard work so I’m *trying* to just enjoy these last few weeks and the miracle I’m growing inside.