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Luke’s Birth Story

7 May


***Sorry about the super long post, I just wanted to put all the details so I can reread this in the future and remember the birth of my second child***

My due date for his second pregnancy was April 21st. 

When I went in to the doctor for my week 36 check up at exactly 36 weeks, the doctor informed me I was already 2-3 cm dilated and that she would guess the baby was going to be here in a week and a half to two weeks and told me to take week 36 super easy.  I wasn’t put on bed rest but I was told to keep my activities low.

I called my mom and arranged to have her fly out to Arizona from Minnesota at the end of 36 weeks.  She was our plan to watch Cameryn and Quincy while I was in the hospital. 

Week 36, 37, 38 and 39 came and went without a baby.  My doctor did say I could end up going full term but since I had Cameryn early and was so dilated (I had dilated to a 3 and 90% effaced from week 37) it was looking promising that Luke would follow in his big sister’s footstep and arrive early.

Nope, Luke had other plans.

Easter Sunday I was fed up and really wanting to get the baby out of me.  Since I didn’t experience that last three weeks of pregnancy with Cameryn I wasn’t aware at how slow time can go and how uncomfortable those last few weeks could be.  I decided to enjoy the day with my family and told everyone that the next day, Monday, I was going to walk on the treadmill until I put myself in labor.

So Monday morning I was at the gym and determined to walk myself into labor.  After an hour on the treadmill (I had been doing around 45 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill but in the final week had been walking more since the pounding on my feet seemed to bring on Braxton hicks contractions and some cramps where as the elliptical didn’t) I noticed I was getting some cramps.  Yay!  I had to run to the grocery store to grab a few items and called Keith on the way and told him although I didn’t walk myself into labor I was super crampy.  He was excited. 

I had my week 40 doctor’s appointment scheduled for that afternoon and I was excited to go in and have the doctor tell me I was in labor and to go to the hospital or at least tell me I was 5cm dilated.  While waiting for her to come into the room the cramping had gotten noticeably worse.  In fact, when she walked in I told her I thought I was in the pre stages of labor as my cramps were so bad.    None of that happened.  She did my check and told me I was 4cm dilated and still 90% effaced.  I was bummed but knew my body and knew something was going on.  The doctor told me to try and wait until 7am the following morning because that is when she would be on duty at the hospital delivering babies (our hospital’s birth center rotates doctors so you don’t know who will be delivering your baby.  I got lucky and had my doctor deliver Cameryn and really wanted her to deliver Luke as well).

I left the doctor’s and went home to play with Cameryn.  We did a Facetime chat with my sister and niece and just hung out for a bit.  I was still getting cramps so I decided to take a bath.  The warm water really helped.  In fact when Keith texted to see if I was still getting cramps (he went to workout) I texted him that they went away but I thought I was now having really light contractions.  My contractions with Cameryn came on fast and hard so experience light contractions was something new to me and I wasn’t sure it they were Braxton hicks or not as I had been having so many of them during late pregnancy. 

A few hours passed and I realized my contractions were still coming, unlike Braxton hicks.  They also seemed to be coming a bit more frequently so I decided I should maybe start timing them.  After I started I realized they were about 3 – 3 1/2 minutes apart and had Keith call labor and delivery to see if we should come in.  I was group B positive this pregnancy and needed to try and get to the hospital to get antibiotics four hours before I delivered so even though my contractions weren’t painful I wanted to get there early.

While packing for the hospital and getting everything in the car is when I knew I was labor as the contractions were starting to become more painful but still totally tolerable.  When a contraction would come it felt amazing to lean over on something like the kitchen counter and sway my hips from side to side.  By the time we left our house it was probably just after 7pm.  I texted some family on the way and that was at 7:20pm right before we arrived to the hospital.

Once there I got checked into triage.  They wanted to monitor me to see if I was in labor and right away could see from my consistent contractions that I was.  I was 5cm dilated when I arrived so I had dilated one cm from the time I had left my doctor’s appointment.

From triage we were admitted into our room (it was either the same room as I had Cameryn in or the room next door).  It was nice being a familiar place with such friendly nurses.  Torie was our nurse and she was awesome!  I had a lab tech stop by to take blood and then Torie got my antibiotics started.  By this time I was getting contractions about every two minutes and they were becoming more painful.  This was probably around 8:30-9pm.  Around 9:20pm the doctor on duty came in to introduce himself but I was in the middle of a contraction and by the time it was over he was already gone.  I was using a birthing ball to try and get the baby down as I knew laying in a bed wouldn’t help speed the baby out of me.  The doctor was wondering where I was at and Torie told him she was going to check me again at 9:30pm.  At 9:30pm I got checked and was only at a 6cm.  I couldn’t believe I wasn’t more as I had been shaking so badly and going from hot to super cold.  Torie had said I was probably in transition at around 9pm so I was expecting to be at like an 8 or so.  I think she felt bad for me and when I said I’m only at a six, she then added I was a 6-7cm dilated.  I knew she was just trying to keep me focused and help me not get discouraged.  After a few more contractions I felt like I had to pee so I went to the bathroom.  A few minutes after I had returned back to the ball I felt like I had to go to the bathroom again, but this time I felt like I had to go number two.  After I returned with no luck Torie said it was the baby on my bladder and also making me feel like I had to go number two.  I could hardly listen to her though as I was suddenly pushing.

It was the same pushing feeling I had with Cameryn.  My whole body took over and just started pushing.  When Torie asked if I was pushing I told her I wasn’t trying to but my body was doing it on its own.  She then said she had to check me again and I needed to lay on the bed.  I wasn’t sure if I could and told her and Keith to move back because my water was about break.  She quickly got me on the bed and when she checked me said I was now at a 9cm and that she had to go get the doctor.  Right when she ran out of the room I heard her yell we need the doctor she’s at a 9cm and her water is still intact.  Right when she said that I had another urge to push and when I did I broke my water.  I yelled out to her that my water had just broke.  I knew the baby was coming quickly and the doctor had better get in the room fast.  By my next push I had Keith and Torie each holding one of my legs and the doctor was telling me to push.  It was all so surreal and happened so fast.  I was in a lot of pain and just wanted to get Luke out ASAP.  During two of my pushes and it only took four to get Luke out my arm hit the bed buttons and the delivery bed was contorting in a weird L shape.  I was so annoyed at the time but now it is so laughable.  Everyone was laughing while I was crying out in pain!  Smile

I remember saying I need the baby out of me and them all replying to just push when I felt a contraction.  I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even tell when I was having a contraction or not having one.  Luckily it all only lasted maybe 10 minutes and on the 4th push out came Luke!  They placed him on my chest right away and I was so in awe over how handsome my new son was.  He had perfect skin and a full head of brown hair.  I was in love all over again.  I couldn’t believe I had done it again.  I delivered the placenta and asked to look at it- so gross!  I also had to get one stich and remember the doctor saying to scoot down he just needed to finish it up and that it only took a minute. 

Keith cut the cord once it stopped pulsating and I nursed him right away skin on skin for a good hour.  The nurses did his tests while he was on my chest and we refused to let them give him the HEP B vaccine.  Something I wished I had done with Cameryn.

Pushing him out was so unreal as with each push I could literally feel him coming down the birth canal.  It was super painful going into my final push as he was right there in the “ring of fire”.  I had pushed for a while with Cameryn and don’t remember actually feeling her coming down with each push so with Luke it was such an amazing experience to feel all of that looking back on it now.  I had another drug free labor and delivery and would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  All in all I was in labor for about 2 1/2 hours and only about 1 1/2 hours was painful.  Not bad at all!

I never thought I would be a mom to a boy and now I can’t imagine not having a son.  I feel so blessed to have had another amazing labor experience.  We were discharged at 36 hours (they said we would stay 40 hours to watch Luke for signs of group b but let us go at 36 hours as he was healthy since I had only had one dose of antibiotics under the condition we would bring him in for his newborn pediatrician check up the following day). 

My world has completely changed being the mom of two and I’m loving every second of it.  Big sister Cameryn is so in love with her baby brother but has some jealously issues over mom not giving her 100% of the attention anymore.  My heart melts every time she kisses him, snuggles him and hugs him.  She has so much love already for him as does our whole family.  

Room 1009


Luke arrived at 10:06pm


Welcome Luke!IMG_1572

Getting checked after nursing for an hour.IMG_1519

After his first bath.IMG_1523

About 2 hours after I gave birth and so in love.IMG_1535

Daddy and Luke!


Cameryn and Luke!IMG_1587

Heading home.IMG_1605

First time in his car seat and not happy.IMG_1609

Leaving the hospital.


Keeping these pictures just from the hospital.  I have many more to share!  Smile