Facts You Need to Know to Opt for the Best Types of Dental Implant

In simple terms, dental implant can be described as an effective treatment to provide prosthetic replacement in place of your missing tooth. The surgical fixture helps to place the artificial tooth looking exactly like the original ones. It is mainly placed in the jawbone to blend with the bone in few months’ time. The dental implants provide the base for supporting the best replica of real tooth.

It acts as the root of the artificial tooth to be fixed over it. It even supports to hold bridge, thus quite important to keep your oral health perfect even after losing teeth. The benefits of this kind of implant are numerous. The prime benefit is that it mimics natural tooth root to hold artificial tooth in its place without affecting nearby tooth.

There is no gum damage, thus provides safest way to keep your artificial tooth look like the original one. Your dentist is the most suitable person to explain more about the dental implant process. In Texas, you can contact the Orion Dental Specialists to treat your missing teeth issues to place artificial teeth in its place. No doubt, they are the best.

More about dental implant:

  • The process of fusing dental implant and the jawbone is known in medical terms as, Osseointegration.
  • The metal used to fix in the jawbone is titanium as it can easily integrate with bone and is safe even though it is an artificial object installed in the jawbone.
  • No worries, as the dental implant treatment as always been success because of well trained dental surgeon processing the surgery. The advanced technology used in dental surgery has made it possible to complete the whole surgery in a short time.

Importance of dental implant:

You can replace a tooth or the whole set of tooth by using dental implant. Your skilled emergency dentist aids in replacing your original tooth with artificial tooth to help you talk and chew food without any problems. It helps to keep your oral health well maintained and provides perfect shape to your jaw. That is the reason many aged people losing their permanent teeth must go for dental implant.

Dental implant is usually a successful surgery even then there are a  few conditions to consider like the health of the gums of the patient. There should be adequate bone to support the artificial dental implant.

Here are the two kinds of dental implants:

  • Endosteal implants – The metal fixtures are directly implanted into the jawbone. After the surrounding gum wound heals, then a second surgery is done to implant the posts to hold the artificial tooth. Then, lastly the artificial tooth is placed on the post. It can be a single tooth or grouped ones over the bridge or denture.
  • Subperiosteal implants- It is a metal frame fitted at the topmost part of the jawbone below the gum tissue. When the gum starts healing the frame automatically attaches to the jawbone. The posts are attached to the frame, which protrudes out from inside the gums. Then the artificial tooth is mounted on the post.

All the process of dental implant is done in the presence of sedation dentistry. This is because without sedation, this kind of dental surgery can’t proceed successfully.

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